Agents / Managers FAQ

Now That You Have a Casting Frontier Account

Your talent can now log into their profile and select your company as their representation. Talent can call Casting Frontier at 323-300-6129 should they require assistance. Agents can also create new profiles for talent that do not already have one.

Getting Connected to Talent’s Profile

Option #1: Talent adds your company to an existing profile:

  • Talent simply logs into their profile, click ‘Edit Profile.’
  • Locate the section titled ‘Representation.’
  • Select your company’s name from the drop-down.
  • Click ‘Save.’

Make sure your talent adds their current cell phone number, cell phone provider and a valid email. Talent can email a change request to [email protected] if they would like their representation to change.

Option #2: Talent does not have a profile (Talent Creates Profile):

  • Verify no profile already exists.
  • Talent can visit
  • Click ‘Sign Up.’
  • Select a region where you live in.
  • Fill out the entire profile, add representation, add a headshot and resume. Make sure your talent lists their current phone number, provider and email.

Option #3: Talent does not have a profile (Agent Creates Profile):

  • Verify no profile already exists.
  • Agent signs into their Casting Frontier account.
  • Click ‘Tools’ on the left navigation bar.
  • Click ‘Manage Talent.’
  • Click ‘New Profile.’

Make sure your talent lists their current phone number, provider and email.

Creating Duplicate Profiles

Please note it is against Casting Frontier’s policy to have more than one Basic profile for the same talent on one agency roster. Talent can upgrade to a Premium or Premium plus membership to add additional photos on Casting Frontier. Your talent can also pay the $9.99 to change their main profile photo without upgrading to a Premium account. Any future duplicates created on the same agency roster will be flagged and deleted.

4 ways to ensure that you can find talent via role search or roster search:

  1. Make sure talent has added you as their representation.
  2. Make sure that your talent selected a union status on their profile.
  3. Make sure you are spelling your talents name correctly and using at least 3 characters.
  4. Make sure your talent’s age or age range is filled out on their profile.

Agent/Manager Q & A’s

Q: How long does it take to see a newly added profile?

A: A talent profiles is officially connected and searchable on your roster after 24 hours. When searching by name you can use three characters. Example: John Smith can be searched using ‘Joh Smi’, The ‘Quick Search’ drop-down; (by first initial) is the easiest way to find a newly added talent. You can also use the ‘Alphabetical Search’ drop-down in a role search to easily find talent and submit them to a project.

Q: What if I use an iPad? Do you have a mobile app?

A: Casting Frontier is proud to be the first talent database to offer a mobile application to agents. AgentOntheGo is a free app for the iPad that provides agents with tools to submit and manage talent from their iPad.
Available at

Q: Can Agent/Manager change emails or phone numbers for talent?

A: The phone number and email should always be your talent’s information when creating a profile. Talent is responsible for their email and phone number changes. Should talent require assistance they can call 323-300-6129 or email [email protected].

Q: Does my talent need to do anything with their profile?

A: The number one reason most Casting Directors will forgo looking at a talent’s profile is the lack of information. For example: the lack of skills, resume and photos keep casting directors from truly knowing who they are and what they can do.

Q: What is a Status Page and how do I use it?

A: When a Casting Director selects and schedules a talent you submitted you will receive an email notification. You will also see a New Notifications icon to the right side of your Projects. Click the New Notifications icon to see all your up and coming auditions, callbacks and avails. To remove the notification icon for each talent, simply confirm or cancel the request. Past notifications have to be viewed through the project itself.

Q: How can I view an old Status Page?

A: Any past Status Page notifications can be viewed by clicking into the corresponding project. Once you have entered the project click on the “Schedules” tab and from that page you will be able to view all status pages for the entire project.

Q: How do I access two sides?

A: Talent representation is able to view all sides for any project on Casting Frontier, regardless if your talent has received an audition or not. When you receive an audition notice from casting the email will contain a button entitled “Notify Talent.” When you click the button you will automatically be logged into your account and land on the send to talent page. There you can click ‘Send Sides Link’ before clicking Send. The talent will receive an email containing an auto-login link entitled ‘Get Sides,’ and once clicked the talent will be prompted to login. When the talent logs in they will be taken directly to the ‘Sides’ board. Talent can only view the sides for roles they have received audition times for.

Q: How do I archive old projects?

A: From the Projects page you can view current or archived projects by switching the View drop-down. Stay on top of your current projects by selecting old jobs and clicking the Archive button.

Q: How do I stop notifications from being sent to my email if I go on vacation?

A: Representation occasionally requests to stop notifications for a period of time (i.e. vacation, maternity leave, sickness, etc). To manage your notification simply log into your Casting Frontier account and click on the “Preferences” button on the left navigation bar. There you can select what information you would like to not receive during that period of time.