You’ve poured over the casting call. You’ve rehearsed your sides. Your headshots and resumes are set. You’re fully prepared to crush your audition, but there’s one final detail: what on Earth are you going to wear? At Casting Frontier, we help actors of all levels find the perfect online casting calls and auditions to take the next crucial step in their careers. But whether it’s an in-person audition or an online casting, wardrobe matters – so here are our tips on what to wear to an acting audition. 

Don’t Go Overboard

First things first: don’t go crazy on us. A classic mistake for an amateur actor is to try to show commitment and dedication by coming to an audition in full costume, but this is a major no-no. Remember, the casting directors have already seen your headshots, so they know what you look like even before you step into their office. Complex costumes or over the top outfits are an unnecessary distraction.

What to Wear to a Character-Specific AuditionCloseup of late 20's couple choosing some pant at a clothes store in a local mall. They are going through clothes rack and deciding if they like the clothes. many pieces of clothing around them.

If you’re going into a character-specific audition, say for the role of a fairy or a soccer player, it is ok to tailor your wardrobe to the character, but only a touch. All you need is a HINT of the character: a sparkly shirt for a fairy, a jersey for a soccer player. Beyond that, though, opt for standard audition garb. 

What to Wear for an Acting Audition

If the audition isn’t specific to a character, our advice is to lean towards the professional side. Remember, an acting audition is actually a long job interview, so dress like you’re headed to a job interview for your dream job. With that in mind, make sure to wear a color that compliments your skin tone, hair shade, and eye color. If you don’t know what colors look good on you, ask a friend, a parent, a sibling – even a complete stranger. Also, a great way to boost your confidence is to wear a color that makes you feel good! 

There are some colors you’ll want to avoid. Black, white, grey, and red should all be kept to a minimum, especially for a film audition. These colors just don’t translate well on camera: black makes everything look dull, white can blow out the camera lighting, no one ever remembers grey and red tends to do funny things to skin tones and camera settings. Finally, stay away from jewelry, logos, stripes, and patterns, as they take away from the most important subject – YOU!

Apply to Acting Roles Online

These tips will help you craft the perfect wardrobe, and when you’ve got it picked out, Casting Frontier can help you find the perfect audition. Our platform lets you apply online to casting calls and auditions posted by real casting directors, making it effortless to find your next acting job opportunity. Ready to take your acting career to the next level? Join Casting Frontier today!