“I’d update my resume so you’re ready for any outcome.”Bob Weinstein

Okay, so you got new headshots recently, everyone agrees they’re first rate, you’re ecstatic they came out so well, and the new look is rockin’. You’re set, right? Wrong! You also need to update your resume. Headshots are of utmost importance when it comes to casting, but actors can underestimate the power of an updated resume. Any Casting Director worth his salt looks at every resume possible. How else are they going to know what you’ve been up to? If you’ve been to an acclaimed acting class, or if you’ve just received a rave theatre review, Casting Directors want to know. They are looking for these kinds of details to see how your career and training is progressing, and they want to know that you’re serious about the craft of acting. Understanding the talent pool is a Casting Director’s job. And for most, it’s their passion.
What if the clients think you’re a promising novice, but they’re not sure you have enough experience to pull off the shoot? You could be missing out on real opportunities simply by not adding your work as an extra and years of dance recitals. Also, what if you’ve been acting for many years, and you’re getting plenty of auditions; no worries, right? Wrong again. Think of the amount of work you’re missing because the powers that be aren’t aware you’ve done comedy, play the cello, double dutch, and speak Russian. Casting Directors are curious about your talents, and they want to get to know you; but they are not mind readers. So let them know! Engage them. Bring them into your world.

In the past, actors neglected this aspect of the business because of all the hassle making copies of their resumes and then stapling them to the backs of printed headshots. That was a tedious, not to mention, expensive process. But now, updating a resume has never been easier thanks to Casting Frontier. All an actor has to do is log into their CF profile and update away—as often as needed, with no extra fees or hassles.

Immediately after you update your online resume, Casting Directors can get the scoop on what you’re up to…and give you a call!