This week on The Curve, Burgandi & Govind interview Brian Confer, co-founder of the pink and orange mobile photography studio fondly known as the Headshot Truck. Confer discusses the importance of quality headshots in reflecting an actor’s brand as well as regarding headshots as content in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Overview of the Headshot Truck

The company features two types of mobile studios. The first kind is the Headshot Truck itself which drives to you. The other option is to visit one of the Headshot trucks parked in various locations around the city. Either way, the service includes a makeup artist, a professional photographer, and a large HD monitor so you can view your photos on site, allowing you to make adjustments on the spot. Actors have a choice of a 40-minute, 80-minute, or two-hour session, and they can choose which backdrop they want from an assortment of colorful or theatrical options. The Headshot Truck team creates a stress-free, fun environment to bring out the best in each individual. And within five business days after the shoot, actors receive a password-protected link to view their online gallery. All photos are color-corrected and can be printed or downloaded for online purposes.

How to use the service

Visit the Headshot Truck website, purchase the package you want, and a company representative will call to schedule an appointment. Whether you need headshots ASAP to reflect a current look, you wish to show two or three different looks, or you want a full shoot to update all of your looks, they can make it happen. To make the most of the shoot, Confer advises:

“Preparing for a session is really important. In our case, it’s different; it’s a mobile photo studio, so you probably want to go to our website, where you probably got your package anyway. But check out the “How It Works” video because it really shows people what the experience is going to be like on the truck … But certainly, on the actor’s side, you have to prepare … knowing your type, knowing your wardrobe, knowing who you play, knowing what you want to get out of it.”  

The importance of having current headshots

Actors often have their hands full with auditioning, taking classes, maintaining an online presence, building skills, networking, and on and on. It can be easy to overlook out-of-date headshots. Maybe you have a new hairstyle, grew a beard, or you’ve been meaning to change an aspect of your brand. Whatever it is, it’s important that your headshots reflect your appearance today as well as the kinds of roles you’re presently suited to play. Confer says, “If you walk in [for an audition] and your headshot doesn’t look like you, [casting] is going to be let down. And it’ll reflect negatively, and you may not get brought in again because they can’t count on you to be authentic. So I think that’s the thing. You want your headshot to look like you—and that’s why you have to keep getting them updated pretty regularly.”

Thinking of headshots as content

As today’s actors use social media to reach more people, there’s a constant need to add new content. Therefore, Confer has come to view headshots as more than just the traditional tool to land auditions. He explains, “We look at headshots as content—as professional photo content to help you promote your personal brand. So I think if you make that paradigm shift and you see it’s not just a photo, it’s content, now we can provide professional content because actors have to be influencers. You have to be getting your brand out there at all times. You have to be posting multiple times a day. And it’s a fact that professional content gets more likes on Instagram than not-professional photos.”

The Headshot Truck currently serves the Los Angeles area. To learn more about their services, visit

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