How Can I Maximize My Membership with Casting Frontier?

May 1, 2014

why-to-upgrade-my-casting-frontier-profile.jpgWith all the competition inherent in the entertainment industry, actors often ask how they can best stand out amongst the crowd. Making the most of your Casting Frontier membership is an excellent way to achieve this goal.

First of all, you want to stand out for all the right reasons. When a casting director sifts through the large Casting Frontier actor database, he or she can click with no trouble to learn about talents’ unique qualities through the online profiles. Your profile not only makes a first impression, but it also makes an ongoing impression. A newbie can reveal specific information to casting directors in several ways. Right off the bat, deciding which headshot to use as a main headshot communicates the direction you see your career will most likely go. Similarly, if no photo is posted, then that actor is essentially advertising a lack of professionalism and dedication to all the casting directors in the field. In the fast-paced world of entertainment, making a casting director search you out is not a wise move. Posting a sub-par headshot will not do an actor any favors when audition invitations are sent out. On the other hand, actors who maintain their profiles with current, professional headshots demonstrate an understanding of how the game is played, a respect for the industry, as well as a commitment to their career.

The same rules apply to resumes and the Special-Skills page; that is, make sure they are filled out and regularly updated. The resume is important; when casting asks for actors “only with television and film experience,” for example, your resume is going to be the first place your representation is going to look. Don’t make it a chore for your agent or manager to submit you to a role because you haven’t updated all your information.

But the best thing an actor can do with a Casting Frontier membership is to upgrade to premium services. Premium or Premium Plus memberships enable actors to add more material in the hopes of securing a job with casting. Talent is literally giving their representation as much ammunition as possible to book the next job. When casting directors can readily explore your distinct qualities and journey as an actor through multiple headshots, an actor reel, a voice sample, as well as a link to your personal website, you are providing them with all you’ve got to stand out amongst the competition. Talent can best showcase experiences in the industry, draw attention to their versatility as well as highlight authenticity. And with unlimited Public Submissions connecting you to current jobs, and the ability to make unlimited changes to your profile, Casting Frontier premium memberships can help you stand out as a pro.

The acting game is indeed a competitive endeavor. It’s imperative you do everything in your power to succeed. As the old axiom goes, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Make sure you’re one of the few!