The Dude Abides

April 20, 2012

Big Lebowski-ites celebrate the Dude’s escapades and misadventures in near cult-like fashion at bowling alleys throughout the world in honor of the stoner classic, The Big Lebowski. “Lebowski Fest”–an annual multi-city hurling phantasmagoria–began in the year 2000 as a last-ditch marketing event for a failing bowling alley in Bowling Green, KY. Since that epochal day, the festival has grown exponentially in terms of volume, exposure, and devotion. The Dude is a slacker who smokes weed at any time of the day or night and drinks White Russians just as regularly. The Dude finds himself in the midst of a mystery so nuanced and complex that only a drug-addled, “flexible” mind could unravel. So, why are people so fascinated by this chronically unemployed, out-of-shape, shamefully unambitious, slack-jawed, Eagles-hating, private dick? Because “the Dude abides.” The Dude does not sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff. His life is threatened, he has his head stuck in the toilet, some reprobate defecates in his car, he’s assaulted by the police, and he has his throw rug stolen out from under him. And as he so consistently maintains, “That rug reallly held the room together.” But he is not fazed because when all else fails, he can go roll with Walter and Donny. No sweat.

See, it’s hard to beat a guy you just can’t get down. The Dude will not allow anyone to ruin his flow. This is a profound insight from a Zen master. You, as an actor, can learn from the Dude…or His Dudeness, Or Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. The point is, if you get rejected at an audition, or a director treats you poorly, or if you flub your lines, lose your agent, learn from the Dude, and abide. Things will work out. This is what the Dude knows so well; things will work out; you just have to give things a little breathing room. And you can’t let your thinking get too uptight. A role doesn’t work out–let it go, one will come back around. An avail falls through–hey, it happens. Your car stalls on the 405 on the way to a callback–se la vie. The important thing is to stay calm, and stay the course. The universe is on your side, the universe is in awe of your courage and supports your dream. Listen, the Dude abides. You would be wise to do likewise.