Casting Calls & Beyond with Technology

January 24, 2012

Technology continues to open new doors for actors to be discovered. Novice or undiscovered filmmakers are seeking a competitive edge by sifting through the Internet looking for opportunities to be seen. Well, If you want your work to be viewed and your voice to be heard, chances are there is a platform out there waiting for you! The 48 Hour Film Project is a great way to test your mettle under the pressure of a two-day deadline. If you’re budget challenged, but have a powerful idea, maybe the Filminute (One-Minute) Film Festival is right up your alley. How about filming street theatre and posting it online? You might want to try a webisode like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; they haven’t done too badly.

The commercial market has become a very fertile place for up and comers in the film industry. Recently, Chevrolet organized Chevrolet’s Route 66 contest. It called on filmmakers to create a 30-second spot about Chevy—and the winner’s ad will air during Super Bowl XLVI, and be awarded a $10,000 grand prize.

Talk about exposure! This Super Bowl is predicted to be the most watched in the history of the game.

26-year-old Zach Borst from Long Island, N.Y., wrote, produced, and assembled a one-minute ad about a graduate receiving a Chevrolet Camero as a gift from his parents for the competition. He used his friends as actors, for production help, and to secure  locations. Talk about your DIY attitude!

Borst’s commercial was selected as the winner, beating 198 other submissions and 400 scripts. To air the Happy Grad commercial, Chevy will spend at least $3.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Check out the winning Chevy Happy Grad Super Bowl ad here.

These technological avenues empower actors to be more proactive in their careers. While you’re waiting for your next TV audition and casting call, you can get creative. Do you have a great commercial idea? Grab your acting buddies together and submit your ideas to the next contest.