Scarlett Johansson’s Early Challenges with Commercial Auditions

May 11, 2015

The first audition Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson went on was a KitchenAid voice over when she was a child, and she landed the job. It would be the last commercial she booked for quite a while. She attributes this to her low voice which was an unusual fit to her appearance. Johansson says, “I could never book commercials because my voice was too deep, and I was this blonde, you know, kind of small enthusiastic kid, and then I’d open up my mouth and people would go, ‘Oh, do you have a cold?'” She felt she was unable to genuinely pull off the happy, uplifting sales quality that many commercials required as well. After repeatedly being rejected from commercial roles, 7-year-old Scarlett had a meltdown while waiting for a train with her mom. “When you’re auditioning that much as I did when I was a kid, you get rejected most of the time,” a 30-year-old Scarlett now reflects.

As fate would have it, that bout of tears became a pivotal moment in young Johansson’s life because from then on her mother decided to only bring her to film auditions. And young Scarlett’s competitive spirit helped lead her to the place where she fit in precisely for the unique qualities that held her back in commercials.“Very fortunately, I think I found sort of a niche in independent film which is much more forgiving than I think the mainstream film,”  Scarlett said. Her film debut was playing John Ritter’s daughter in the fantasy comedy North when she was nine years old. Since then, she’s enjoyed a lucrative, enviable acting career in film with her break-through performance being Lost in Translation; she’s also worked in voice-over, theater, TV roles and as a singer. Interestingly, in her adult life, Johansson is featured in several commercials for brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Eternity Moment, and SodaStream.

Scarlett Johansson is currently filming Captain America: Civil War, and you can hear her voice as The Jungle Book‘s Kaa next year.


Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

April 9, 2015

Apple cider vinegar is known for its potent odor, sour taste, and its versatility. Some people use it to clean their kitchen floors; others use it to kill weeds. So why do so many radiant actors and celebrities swear by it? They boldly praise it for its many health and beauty benefits. In particular they speak about apple cider vinegar (ACV) that is raw, organic, and unfiltered which contains cloudy, brown material known as “the mother.” This is the affordable, easy-to-find health and beauty formula that is chock-full of nutrients and brimming with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Here are a few reasons to give it a try.

Skin: Scarlett Johansson told Elle UK she uses ACV as a cleanser on her face. “I researched natural skincare and found that apple cider vinegar is really effective…Using it as a toner can be harsh, but if you have breakouts it can be really healing.” Not only does it kill bacteria, but as a bonus, it becomes alkaline which balances the pH of your skin. This prevents bacteria from making a home on your face in the future. To use as a facial toner, first wash your face as usual. Then, mix one part ACV with 2 to 3 parts water, and then apply with a cotton ball to gently blot your forehead, nose, and chin. It depends on your skin, but some people leave the cotton ball on the troublesome area for at least ten minutes. You can also reapply it several times a day, but wash your face thoroughly after each use and use a moisturizer to prevent the vinegar from overly drying out your skin. ACV is also said to reduce age spots by applying a combination of one tablespoon of orange juice with two tablespoons of ACV to your spot.

Hair: After shampooing, add a splash of ACV to one cup of water, then apply this to your hair. Rinse well. This will increase the shine and body of your hair. Or to target dandruff, you can take a quarter cup ACV and a quarter cup of water, and use a spray bottle to apply it to your scalp. Let it sit for up to an hour before rinsing.

Feet: Equal parts of warm water and ACV make a great do-it-yourself pedicure. Soaking your feet this concoction will leave your feet soft, clean, and fungus-free.

Sunburns: Next time you notice a sunburn, you can soothe your skin by adding one cup of vinegar to the bath water, and soaking in it for ten minutes. Even if you don’t have a sunburn, this kind of bath can draw out toxins from your skin.

Varicose veins: ACV is known to reduce them thanks to its high levels of vitamins.

Helps burn belly fat: According to a Japanese study, obese participants who added apple cider vinegar to their salads were leaner and had less visceral fat than the control group who skipped the vinegar. And results were evident in eight weeks. Apparently, the vinegar produces proteins inside our bodies that break down fat so it can be used instead of stored. It is also said to reduce cravings. Fergie told People magazine that she takes two tablespoons of ACV twice a day–once before lunch and once before dinner to maintain her slim figure. Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox likewise insist that consuming apple cider vinegar helps them stay slim and healthy. “It just cleanses out your system entirely,” Fox once said.

ACV touts a surprising additional list of health benefits such as helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, promoting proper digestion by both cleansing and making the digestive tract more alkaline, and breaking down mucous to fight sinus infections and sore throats. Hey, it even treat warts.

ACV like all vinegars is an acid, so moderation is key. Many nutritionists say to consume a maximum of 2-3 tablespoons a day, and they advise to dilute it with water and/or juice before drinking it. Heidi Klum mixes one to two tablespoons of it with 12 to 16 ounces of water, and drinks it before a meal. Some people prefer to add something sweet like honey or stevia. If you do drink ACV, you’re advised to either use a straw or swish water in your mouth afterwards to minimize the effects of acid on the enamel of your teeth. Additionally, if you have diabetes or other medical concerns, talk to your doctor before experimenting with ACV because it contains chromium which can alter insulin levels.

Some people are highly skeptical about a product that touts to do so much. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve just poured myself my first cup of ACV mixed with water…and it’s not too bad!

Happens to the Best of ‘Em

February 15, 2013

There are a scant few actors who have the high-profile resume and international prestige of the multi-award winning superstar, Scarlett Johansson. Any actor in their right mind longs for a career with so many creative possibilities and so much industry cache. There’s not a producer in Hollywood who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to work with an A-lister of Scar Jo’s magnitude, right? Wrong. Scarlett ended speculation as to whether she auditioned for the role of Fantine in Les Mis to Broadway.com recently, admitting, “Yes, I did. I sang my little heart out.” Scarlett Johansson sang her little heart out and didn’t get the part?! That’s right, and it’s apparently not the first time. When she was younger, Scarlett auditioned for the role of Cosette in the Tony award winning stage play, Les Mis and missed the boat.

So take heart, young thespian; everyone, at one time or another, deals with rejection. Now, Scarlett has a cornucopia of great roles lined up for the next five years–parts you may not be up for–so we won’t shed a tear; but make no mistake, she wanted that role so bad she could taste it. You know what that’s like; it hurts somethin’ wicked. But you have to suck it up and NEVER let those megrims diminish your efforts or your enthusiasm. One thing is certain, you’ll never make it if you let this business get you down.

Connie Britton, the ginger-haired beauty of Friday Night Lights, is rolling right now. At forty-five she’s one of the most sought after actresses on network TV. With an utterly fierce turn as the haunted Vivien on AMC’s American Horror Story, she’s become the go-to girl for tough, heady, beautiful heroines. But Connie’s future wasn’t always so enviable. In 1996 she auditioned for the role of Dorothy Boyd in Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire. Britton nailed the audition and was purportedly Crowe’s first choice. The producer’s told her they “just wanted to screen test another actress.” Dum-duh-duh-dum! A relative unknown named Renee Zellwegger won the role and went on to forge a stellar career of her own, including an Academy Award for her feisty performance in Cold Mountain. Did Connie let that get her down? Probably! How would you feel? But she kept going, and look at her now. “My life started being awesome five years ago,” she told the New York Sunday Times magazine. So let’s do the math here: She’s forty-five, uh, bring down the five, the four’s cancel out, oh, yeah, her acting career didn’t take off until she was forty years old! Think what you can do if you hang in there and keep reaching for the stars. The outer galaxies are the limit!