Voice-Over Opportunities: Working Your Way Towards the Cheese

July 6, 2012

“You’re this rat in the American maze, working your way towards the cheese, which is a job.” — Kevin Costner

Haven’t you always had a burning desire to be Chuck E. Cheese? The forever-young, affable rat has been entertaining and mesmerizing children for the past 35 years. And Duncan Brannan has been the voice of the ubiquitous rodent for the last 19 years. As an aspiring voice-over actor, you probably figured that job opportunity was nil, right? Normally that would be the case. But with the rising costs of cheddar cheese and commercial rent, the pizza food chain has been financially struggling as of late. So, starting this very day, there’s a new Chuck in town. Chuck E. Cheese’s voice-over replacement aims to transform the beloved rat into a hip, electric-guitar-playing rock star. Roll over Beethoven!

The moral of the story? Always be on the look out for voice-over opportunities. Hunting voice-over work is just like hunting any other kind of job. Keep the ball moving forward by remaining open to pro bono jobs like student projects, industrials, regional ads. You never know what comp work will lead to legitimate work. Other ways to apply yourself include corporate answering systems and Public Service Announcements. Even better opportunities include internet commercials, indie film trailers or industrial narrations. With all the good work you put out there, and the valuable experience you cultivate, you’ll increase your chances of landing voice-over gigs in major film narration and movie trailers. You may even get your hands on the voice-over pinnacle: character voices in network TV or feature film animation. Voice-over acting resembles acting in general: constantly procure work, experience, knowledge, skills, and relationships. The chances of acquiring choice work behind the mic will increase every step of the way! Who knows? You might actualize your dream of being the next Chuck E. Cheese after all!