The Power of Positive Self-Talk in Casting Calls

June 11, 2012

“…I can do anything good, yeah, yeah, yeah. Better than anyone! Better than anyone!” –Jessica’s Daily Affirmation (over 10 million hits) 

When you’re preparing for an audition, surrounded by similar types in the lobby, what messages is your mind giving you? Are you comparing yourself to the others? Do your thoughts reflect self-doubt: “I should have worn my other shirt.” Do you find yourself thinking, “You have to relax,” or are you anxiously admonishing your inner self to “act natural?” Are you remembering a past audition that didn’t go so well? If this sounds like you, it’s time to realize you are the thorniest, most intimidating beastly competitor in the lobby! These thoughts are self-sabotaging and can limit your career potential. It’s time to take charge of the situation and learn positive self-talk. So what are some positive affirmations you can repeat that will actually empower you to enter the audition room naturally and brimming with confidence?

It’s important to use words that feel right for you; words that resonate deep within your soul. But, here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

If there’s a long wait in the lobby, rather than saying, “This is taking forever,” instead picture your audition going well and say, “I’m going to book this; it’s well worth the wait!”
If you’re wishing you had a better look or made a different wardrobe choice, instead of saying, “That other actor looks the part; I wish I looked more like that specimen,” say, “I love myself just the way I am. I’m grateful for what I have.” And no one else’s talent or experience can ever defeat you when your mind repeats, “I’m the best fit for this role.”
If you’re stuck in the mire of past audition blunders, you might say, “I learn from my mistakes and move on.”
If you’re remembering a nasty remark by a short-tempered director, you can say, “I choose to be positive.” And then act accordingly. If you’ve heard a certain casting director is a nightmare to work with, you can rephrase it in your mind, “This person expects others to give their best effort. And I’m willing to do just that.”
What if other actors received the sides before you, and this seems unfair? You can tell yourself, “This is a challenge—or even a test; I’m up to the test, and I love a challenge.”

How about parking?! Is there any nightmare more horrible or more real?! Maybe you didn’t get to change, and you’re being called in for the audition before you’re ready; instead of saying, “I can’t handle this,” ask yourself, “How will I handle this?” By simply restating the perceived dilemma as a question, you feel a sense of hope and your creativity is called upon.

And taking one last glimpse in the mirror before being called in, you can tell yourself, “I love myself and other people love me too.” Doesn’t that help you feel centered and ready to go?

Frequent repetition of these kinds of affirmations can lead to self-mastery. If it feels awkward or silly at first, just keep repeating them till you stop resisting and the message truly sinks in. Make the most of your casting calls! Feel good about the job you are doing, and do it well! Affirm your success every day, and success will be a foregone conclusion.