Casting Frontier’s 2013 New Year’s Resolution Sale

December 29, 2012

Casting Frontier’s 2013 New Year’s Resolution Sale is right around the corner! Save up to 35% off our monthly rates.

Clearly the world did not end in 2012. TV shows and the Internet are in full force reflecting on all the events of 2012, featuring holiday shows as well as numerous football games. And spliced into all of them are a steady flow of commercials–commercials for which you know you’d be well cast!

This is the time people are considering their good and not-so-good choices of 2012, and setting goals for 2013. What are your goals for a booming acting career this upcoming year? If your aspirations include booking more commercials, Casting Frontier would like to assist you!

Start with a Casting Frontier Premium profile or Premium Plus profile, and make 2013 your year to star in a commercial!

Save up to 35% during the month of January when you upgrade for the first time to a Premium or Premium Plus profile. This offer is valid when you choose a 24-month term.

We at Casting Frontier wish you a happy, productive, successful New Year with many auditions!