Have a Reel Good Halloween

October 29, 2012

You love Halloween. No, you loooove Halloween! Ever since you were a kid the specter of All Hallow’s Eve held a special place in your little heart. As a ballerina, you had to have genuine ballerina slippers; your ever-serving poor mother had to get the KISS or Edward Scissorshands makeup just right; it was urgent your Ginger Spice’s platform boots were outrageous enough; and Pippi Longstocking sans freckles was absolutely untenable. Well, this year will be no different! You’ll get dressed to the nines and it’s certain everyone will comment on your costume and marvel at its authenticity and attention to detail. And what, pray tell, is this all in service of? A good time? No doubt. Memories? Yes, but as Barbara has so consistently pointed out, memories fade to the corners of our minds. How about doing something for your career?

Instead of having some random footage of you in all your glory mingling at a party, why not take this Halloween up a level? Why not get dressed up and murder a monologue beneath an eerie street light? Why not sing a song in full spooky regalia to chill bones or make ‘em weep? Or how about getting your friends together at an unearthly location to enact a disturbing scene? See, Halloween is a unique night where all of Hollywood’s production value is at your fingertips. Don’t waste it, and don’t waste your amazing and unique costume, which you’ll probably never wear again. Try to nab a friend with an HD camera–preferably with a shotgun mic for good sound and picture–and cover your home-grown, organic Halloween masterpiece from a few different angles. Who knows? It could end up on your reel!

Halloween only comes once a year; go for it!