Casting Calls Lead to Golden Globes Nominations

January 15, 2012

Yet another Golden Globe Awards is upon us. The Golden Globes is voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA can be an unpredictable bunch as they often honor substance over style. Meryl Streep holds seven GG wins to her credit, and the great Jack Lemmon was nominated 22 times over the course of his career. In 2009, Kate Winslett won Best Actress for Revolutionary Road, and Best Supporting Actress for The Reader. There have been many critically acclaimed,yet box office failures, that have won the coveted GG award: Ordinary People, The Hours, Babel, and Atonement to name just a few. And before any of these great films were watersheds in the industry, they were merely risky investments–because no one knows what will be an award winner and what will be a tax write off until the film is produced and distributed. No one has a magic wand that spurts out award winning films at a whim. There is an enormous amount of speculation, organization, true grit, and plenty of luck involved in a movie catching fire and lighting up the world. Think of how many great films you’ve seen that have gone nowhere. Or films that are universally reviled, but you, perhaps secretly, love. Even our greatest filmmakers like Spielberg and Scorsese, have box office duds listed on their IMDB pages; films that diminished their legacy and threatened their careers. But they kept fighting on, because film is their driving passion.

If film is your passion, go out there and get involved in one. Get your headshots up to date, post them and your reel on worthy digital casting sites, scour the trades for acting opportunities, and audition: TV auditions, commercial auditions, film school auditions, you name it! With the advent of digital technology, never before in history have so many people been making films. So go out and meet those people. Do not relent until you get working in the film industry…and then work harder! Who knows, you might even win a GG or other award.