Brilliant or Ridiculous Auditioning Advice?

April 12, 2015

If you recognize this actor, but can’t think of his name, it’s probably because he’s often cast in small roles in high-profile films and TV shows. Glenn Morshower is best known for playing Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce in the award-winning Fox serial drama 24. But he often portrays law enforcement characters, military personnel, and government agents; thus, you might recognize him as Colonel Hendry from X-Men: First Class, or Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘s General Morshower, or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s Sheriff Brian Mobley.

With decades of steady work under his belt, what golden nuggets of wisdom does Glenn share in this clip? Read on!

He says, “I ask actors, ‘How many of you have ever had the experience of the finest version of the audition be the one that takes place in the car on the way home–after the audition?’ And they always raise their hands.” In an effort to help actors relax in the audition room, Morshower shares “a harmless secret” that he insists he’s been doing for years to help him effectively stay loose and calm while in tense auditioning circumstances or important meetings: He puts items like bologna or breakfast cereal in his underwear. Giving a thumbs up, Glenn says he discovered, “Food in my undershorts was the secret to success. Now here’s the point: I’m not joking.” Morshower says it’s hard to let your nerves mess up a meeting when you’ve got food items in your undergarments because when you’re in that high-pressure situation, “you don’t care.”

Morshower is used to giving life advice. He wrote and performs in a series of performances called The Extra Mile which are a combination of motivational speaking and dramatic and comedic storytelling. He seeks to help audiences “discover clarity, a passion, and an indefatigable commitment to the deepest yearnings of the soul.”

So what do you think? Is this brilliant or ridiculous relaxation technique for auditions and high-powered meetings?