Who Are All Those People in the Callback Room?

September 21, 2011

There are times you might ask yourself, “Who are those people on the couch when I enter the audition room for a callback? What’s their agenda, and how do they make decisions?” Understandably, the mystery of the situation can be somewhat unnerving. So, let’s simplify this thing. At any given time there will be a director, producer, production company personnel, and ad agency executives. Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? Well, one might describe it as too many cooks in the kitchen. Each faction has his or her own agenda and the muckity-mucks to whom he or she must answer. Consequently, you often have conflicting needs and points of view. The ad agency wants a star to sell their product, the production company wants someone they haven’t seen before, the director wants the best actor for his reel, and the casting director wants whomever he or she recommended. And there’s most likely a time constraint–not to mention personal favorites and petty prejudices (yes, we are all human). The bottom line is there are many different reasons why you are picked or rejected for a commercial spot. So don’t sweat it—you’re there because they’re strongly considering you for the role, and clearly you’re doing something right!