Learning from the Emmys

September 19, 2011

When you think of Kate Winslet, do you instantly think Titanic? Mildred Pierce? You likely don’t think Sugar Puffs cereal commercial. But that’s how Kate got her start at the age of 12 in the United Kingdom. And as Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons was coming up as an actor, he played a man raised by wolves in a 2003 Quiznos spot. Whether you rejoiced when your favorite actor won an Emmy last night or went to bed sadly disappointed your hopeful lost out, the Emmy’s serve as a reminder to all aspiring actors that anything is possible if you invest in yourself and keep crafting your talent. Other famous actors who started in commercials include Lindsay Lohan who appeared in over 60 commercials including Jell-O. John Travolta sang he was stuck on Band Aids while rinsing in the shower, Wesley Snipes strutted confidently in Levis, Keanu Reeves was required to drink about 6 Coca Colas during multiple takes on location, and Dakota Fanning spilled pudding on her pink dress in a Tide ad.  With this kind of track record, it’s clear commercials can be a good way to hone your craft, become comfortable in front of the camera, and procure much needed exposure—not to mention some extra dough. It’s no secret national commercials pay very well.  You can see more actors in commercials at http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/33080