Commercial Auditions That Challenge Your Values

September 13, 2012

You’ve crawled up a mountain of broken glass just to get a chance to ply your trade and flex your acting muscles. And after all the sweaty treks across town, the acting classes, the headshots, the second-rate jobs, the rejection, and hard work–finally, you’ve gotten some steam and booked a national commercial! Or two or three, God willing! But you’re a vegetarian and Oscar Mayer hosts the coveted spot; or you’re a recovering alcoholic trafficking in Bud Light. You may feel a tinge of unease or conflicting emotions upon booking the job. You may ask yourself: “Am I doing something that is at odds with my core values? Am I a bad person if I accept this job?”

No! Of course not. It’s important to remember not everything sold in this world is necessarily good for our health and well-being. Automobiles are a staple of the American economy and indeed of multinational marketing campaigns, but they’re not that great for the environment. Nor is all the ensuing global oil drilling. McDonald’s burgers may be convenient, but green leafy vegetables are probably a better bet for healthy arteries and a long life. But really, how many commercials do you see touting leafy greens? Besides, eating a Big Mac now and then or having a few beers on the weekend is not unacceptable or abhorrent behavior. Sure these products can be overindulged in or misused, but it’s not an actor’s job to police the world. People have a right to make their own choices to drive, eat, or imbibe what they please. This is America! Indeed, it can be argued most people believe these products, in moderation, are perfectly fine.

Now, if you really feel uneasy with any given campaign, for any reason, by all means pass. There will be other opportunities that present themselves, and more mountains of broken glass to climb.