Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

June 7, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow’s almost wardrobe malfunction

It seems like every day, media outlets seek to intrigue audiences with the latest wardrobe-malfunction story–or the highly touted almost-wardrobe malfunctions. One day it’s Miley Cyrus’ side breast, the next day it’s Zac Efron’s drooping jeans, then it’s Sienna Miller’s neckline revealing the lace of her bra, and still next it’s Lindsay Lohan’s popped shirt buttons. Wardrobe malfunctions are a phenomenon that is here to stay. And it’s actors who are at prime risk for such mishaps because they are among the most likely individuals to frequently be in the position to challenge cultural norms in their appearances, performances, and attitudes–which can include wardrobe and fashion statements that press the envelope.

So the questions for you aspiring actors is how are you going to avoid such glamour glitches, and how will you handle them should they actually occur?

First of all, when you try on clothes, don’t hesitate to bend over, sit, stretch, and squat. Closely observe how the fabric responds to your movement. If too much of you or your undergarments show, consider a different size or cut.



Zac Efron’s fashion mishap

Fashion tape with its double-sided adhesive is considered a must-have fashion staple. This fashion friendly tape can repair hanging hemlines, keep slippery straps in place, and can usually be reliable at keeping your plunging neckline intact; but remember it’s not foolproof! Fashion tape is not washable, so should be reapplied each time you wear your daring outfit. And it’s a good idea to carry some with you whenever you’ll be in the line of fire.

Undergarments that match your skin tone are particularly helpful when you wear lace or semi-sheer fabric. And body smoothers and shapers like those made by Spanx are made for both men and women.

Remember basic details like wearing waterproof mascara and clear deodorant to avoid streaks and smears. If deodorant does end up getting on your clothes, remember the old rub-pantyhose-on-the-spot trick.

It’s a good idea to keep everything clean and tucked while in the public’s–and especially the camera’s–eye. That being said, remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. An embarrassing situation handled with a bit of humor and grace can be the best way to look captivating after all.

Jennifer Lawrence comes close to spilling out of her dress while exiting a van on the set of the David O. Russel movie recently.