Words of Wisdom from Cameron Diaz

April 27, 2014

Cameron Diaz has had quite a career. She literally burst on the scene with a heart-pounding dance number opposite an understandably bombshell-shocked Jim Carrey in 1994’s The Mask.“Smokin’!” indeed. In Something About Mary Cameron displayed unmistakable comedy chops as every man’s secret crush–okay, more like every man’s dangerous obsession. She pulled off the near-impossible task of appearing plain in Spike Jones’ mind-bending, utterly weird Being John Malkovich. And who other than Ms. Diaz could make Walmart superhero underwear so, uh, memorable in the opening scene of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels? Cameron went on to star in the Shrek franchise as the voice of the courageous and outrageous Princess Fiona; she went head up with Leonardo DiCaprio as the Irish firebrand, Jenny Everdeane in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York; and Cameron is currently exacting sweet revenge on a lecherous ne’er-do-well in The Other Woman with cohorts Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton.

And if that all isn’t enough to make anyone insane with envy, it was recently revealed that Cameron made an obscene amount of money in 2011 on the black comedy, Bad Teacher. She reportedly took a million up front in exchange for revenue participation that turned into $42 million! Not bad for one film. And her advice for anyone hoping to procure similar currency? “…Just leave your doors open, things come in.” Sounds more like an insight from the Buddha than a Hollywood starlet, but there you have it.

Now, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Cameron was born beautiful and talented, but there are a lot of beautiful, talented people who have not achieved her level of success. Are you one of them? Because you can dismiss her words as the innocuous ramblings of a one percenter, but the most profound insights are often the simplest. Are you opening the proverbial doors for opportunities to come into your life? For instance, are you in class? Are you networking? Are you performing? Do you have an up-to-date Casting Frontier profile? Do you scour the Public Submissions Board for auditions? How about your friends–anyone doing a short film? Maybe a web series? There are tons of opportunities out there, and if you’re not crazy busy pursuing those opportunities, then maybe you could try leaving your doors open more consistently.

Cameron Diaz has more than forty IMDb credits; and she puts it this way: “I couldn’t force any of these things to happen. When I had the opportunities, I took them. And that’s just sort of how I live my life, just keeping the doors open to whatever could possibly happen.”