3 Reasons Casting Directors Choose Casting Frontier

November 9, 2012

Casting directors choose Casting Frontier for three main reasons: It streamlines their workflow, their clients prefer it, and it gives actors the most bang for their buck. Here’s why.

1. Casting Frontier Streamlines Workflow

In the Olympics of online casting sites, Casting Frontier earns the gold medal for Most Technologically Athletic. Not only does it win in long-distance races, but the sprints, high jumps, and the hurdles as well! In technological terms, this translates to:

  • Besides eliminating paper headshots cluttering their work space, besides posting breakdowns, scheduling with ease, tracking auditions, and booking selects, casting directors can work from anywhere in the world at any time using their iPads and iPhones. Casting Frontier is the only online casting service that facilitates the entire casting process from a mobile device.
  • And consider the busy lobbies with countless actors waiting for their turns to audition. Casting Frontier helps camera operators keep the lines moving along with use of online schedules, automatic thumbnails, actor barcodes, easy-to-use software, and the most flexible editing technology in the industry.
  • Additionally, Casting Frontier’s reliability is unsurpassed. When the other online services are periodically rendered useless for the day, Casting Frontier keeps humming along with its fortified back-up power.

 2. Casting Directors’ Clients Prefer It

The world of production has it moments when it resembles Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s Veruca Salt: “I want it, and I want it now!” Casting Frontier empowers casting directors to deliver with unprecedented on-demand digital scheduling and posting tools. No other audition-posting service can boast Casting Frontier’s remarkable ingenuity and innumerable capabilities, which include the posting of auditions in real time, super-fast editing, immediate playback for production review, and the ability to bring the entire casting process to mobile devices.

 3. Casting Frontier Gives Actors the Most Bang for Their Buck

  • Actors receive excellent value with their Casting Frontier profiles by any standard. With free basic profiles and complimentary access to the Public Submissions Board, why wouldn’t every actor across America get a profile? Take the opportunity to shine with affordable Premium profiles–add multiple headshots, your actor reel, and voice sample. It’s an unsurpassed value with Casting Frontier.
  • Casting directors are always looking for fresh faces to represent products and services; they want to give every actor a fair shot in auditions for which they’re suited. Casting Frontier prevents actors from slipping through the cracks with the use of its unparalleled search engine. With just a few clicks, a casting director can find red-haired cello-playing actors in their mid-forties–or any other talent subset, for that matter.
  • Casting Frontier’s Digital Photography Studio in Hollywood offers exceptional value for high-quality headshots. With comprehensive digital profiles that look great, talent are given the best possible chance to acquire work.

Casting Frontier’s technology and services are truly first rate; it’s not surprising to see more and more casting directors getting onboard. You need every advantage available to succeed as an actor, so visit Casting Frontier’s website to increase your opportunities and empower your career!