Keep Fighting!

August 25, 2013

ben-affleck-batman.jpgPow! Bam! Smash! Batman is getting beaten to a pulp by comic book fans across the globe!

It was announced on Thursday that Ben Affleck would be our newest Caped Crusader in the 2015 sequel to this summer’s Man of Steel. Immediate outrage erupted on the streets of digital neighborhoods all over Gotham City and beyond! Many are demanding that the former member of the dynamic duo Bennifer step down and let a real bad ass (think Christian Bale) take the reins. Ka-Pow–up in your face, Ben! But why all the hostility? People are more upset about this particular casting choice than they are about the debt ceiling or the IRS scandal. Who knows, maybe they’ve seen Daredevil! Indeed, this contretemps has reached the floor of the United States Senate. Newark Mayor Cory Booker was asked if elected to the New Jersey Senate would he stop Ben Affleck from playing Batman. Booker took an immeasurable political risk by tweeting, “Sorry, I’m pro-Ben.” A politician with guts; maybe Cory Booker should try on the bat suit!

So, what does all this nerd hoopla mean to you, young Thespian? (And by the way, all actors are young; if not in years, certainly at heart.) The point is Ben Affleck is a fighter; and he’ll find his way through this disparaging onslaught come hell or high tides. It took five grueling years, but he and his sidekick, Robin–‘scuse me, Matt Damon–stuck it out and won the Academy Award for best original screenplay with Good Will Hunting. Ben has fought back from the depths of alcoholism, and from a career-paralyzing relationship with Jennifer Lopez. And when films like Gigli, Paycheck, and Forces of Nature bombed, Affleck fought back by directing the critically acclaimed Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and the inimitable Argo.

There are days, even weeks, months and years, when the dream seems out of reach. You know what I’m talking about. Auditions are sparse, callbacks are few and far between, and communication with your agent is so silent you wonder if he or she has bought the farm. But you have to do what the latest incarnation of Bruce Wayne would do: Keep working! It won’t happen if you don’t put in the work; it really is that simple.