Giving Thanks for Your Acting Struggles

November 19, 2012

One of the most important tenants of the best-selling self-help book, The Secret, is the concept of gratitude. According to The Secret, one of the first things you can do to succeed in life and in your chosen career is to simply be grateful. As Thanksgiving is upon us, this is a particularly timely and powerful message. Given all the monetary commitments it takes to further your career (rent, food, clothes, gas, classes, etc.) it’s good to know there’s something very compelling we all can do that doesn’t cost a dime! We can sit in a quiet place with no earthly possessions, no accouterments, and empower our acting goals, dreams, and ambitions. This concept is not unique to The Secret; the Bible proclaims, “Give thanks in all circumstances;” The laws of Karma maintain if you are grateful, you will have something to be grateful for–heck, the Grateful Dead were grateful for being dead!

If you doubt the efficacy of this approach, try it out. This holiday season, take time to fully appreciate all the things in your career. You may not be happy with your agent, but be thankful you have an agent. You may not even have an agent, but it’s a blessing you can audition without one. You may not have landed that big national spot, but…you got a callback! If you approach your career in this manner, you will see success, and in turn, you’ll seek out more success. And the momentum builds.

But here’s the caveat: Be careful not to lean too heavily on thought. Action is imperative. I’m reminded of the old one about the boxing trainer who asks a priest to pray for his fighter before a big fight. The priest replies, “I will pray for him, but if he could punch, it would help!”