Super Bowl Commercial Casting Opportunities

February 1, 2013

According to Robert Horowitz, the executive producer of Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials, today’s Super Bowl spots cost approximately 10 million dollars: 4 million for the airtime, and 6 million to produce, promote, and distribute. “It’s like launching a motion picture,” he asserts.

Why would any company in their right mind pay such astronomical fees for a commercial? One word: Exposure. What other marketing opportunity presents itself in which the masses actually drop their barbequed chicken wings, forfeit their position in line at the bar, and rush to the TV yelling, “The commercials are on!! The commercials are on!” Every year, this cultural phenomenon seems to grow expotentially.

When watching this year’s Super Bowl commercials, don’t settle for being merely entertained or mesmerized. Rather, get inspired; get driven; get smart! A good number of these marketing bonanzas have been cast through Casting Frontier. That means, if you create a user-friendly Casting Frontier actor profile, first-class casting directors can immediately consider you for their local, national, and Super Bowl commercials. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be up for a Super Bowl spot in the year 2014. Remember, you can’t score a touchdown if you’re not in the game. To land a high-paying commercial spot, it would behoove you to get a premium or premium  plus Casting Frontier account. Make sure your online resume, professional headshots, and reel are up to date. Casting directors are on a mission to find remarkable, fresh, authentic, skilled actors–that’s their job. Take your acting career seriously, and they will take you seriously. Go ahead and give yourself a chance to be immortalized in a classic Super Bowl commercial or campaign. We will keep our eyes glued to the TV screen looking out for you!