Going Green with Casting Frontier

April 21, 2013

“I try my best to teach my children how to save this planet, and that is something that the Casting Frontier is all about.” — Angelyna Martinez, Actress

Have you ever wondered how many planets it would take if everyone on earth shared your same lifestyle? Well, you can get an idea simply by taking this ecological footprint quiz. But be warned: taking the quiz may very well be a humbling experience! However, there is a saving grace, and that is you can choose to do a better job of stewarding our beautiful planet–even if it’s just one simple act a day. A Billion Acts of Green is an organization that encourages us all to consider one thing you can do today that will reduce your impact on the planet.

You may make a vow to recycle more diligently, shop at a thrift store, carpool on a weekly basis, or wash your clothing in cold water instead of hot; you might even take it up a notch and begin using solar panels. Whatever you decide to do, rest assured: If you have a Casting Frontier profile, you are already participating in healing the earth. 

Back in the day, casting directors dealt with paper headshots, resumes, size cards, and Polaroids of each actor every time he or she auditioned. In a casting facility with, say, eight casting jobs going on any given day, you’d have to multiply all of this paper waste by 800. Now consider the many couriers required to ship audition tapes across country to the various people involved in the production process. Remember, this reflects the waste from just one day in one casting facility. Needless to say, the casting business was an ecological mess!

In 2006 Casting Frontier changed all of that with the launch of their seminal software known as iSession™. Using their years of experience in commercial casting and technology, Joey Rubenstein (CEO) and Andreas Tompros (COO) created this revolutionary audition-uploading system that allows casting directors to streamline their workflow. Building on that initial success, Casting Frontier has since developed into an A-Z casting solution, moving the entire casting process online and reducing the carbon footprint of the casting business. It is also the first company to develop a comprehensive set of mobile casting tools including Actor on the Go–specifically designed for the iPad, iPhone as well as the Android devices.

Hey, we haven’t been to the moon since the 1960’s, and with all the reported spending cuts, it’s unlikely that this country is going to invest in space exploration any time soon. So, we all have to live here. This earth day, let’s recommit ourselves to a healthy, thriving planet–even if it’s just by committing to one simple act a day. After all, they all add up!