Kristen Stewart, Hollywood’s It girl, has become Hollywood’s Hit girl! The comely Bella Marie Swan went all gangsta on a paparazzo this week apparently telling him to “F**k off.” The pap, obviously schooled in the ways of egging on celebs asked, “Why are you saying f**k off?” to which the demure starlet answered, “Because you’re a piece of sh*t and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do.” The high-minded tête-à-tête continued with the hapless videographer asking, “Who’s a piece of sh*t?” and Kristen replying, “You are, F**k face!” Ask an honest question, you get an honest answer, I guess. This isn’t the first time the ubiquitous paparazzi have gotten under the melancholy star’s skin. In a 2010 interview with Elle magazine Kristen likened fame to being raped and went on to say, “I never expected that this would be my life.” Which begs the question: “Why not?” Certainly aggressive paparazzi have been around well before Kristen decided to become a Hollywood film actress. It’s reasonable to argue Ms. Stewart should have known what she was getting into when she embarked upon a career of make believe–especially considering the fact that she grew up in Hollywood! Now, granted, muckraking shutterbugs can be rude, antagonistic, and utterly insensitive to actors during their off-the-clock hours–certainly they’re no one you’d want to invite to your duck and goose soiree. But would that make them much different from many who ply their trade as insurance salesman, lawyers, cabbies or office managers in terms of generally obnoxious behavior? If Kristen were waiting tables at night in order to hustle auditions during the day, would she be treated that much differently? She’d certainly be making a lot less money; at 23 years old she has an estimated $70 million net worth. And it’s doubtful waiting tables would get her the kind of love and encouragement showered upon beloved Hollywood luminaries. There’s no doubt that losing your anonymity the moment you step outside your front door must be overwhelmingly burdensome at a level none of us can truly fathom, particularly when the spying eye starts hounding you intensely before you’ve had time to fully mature. But with Hollywood success comes the inevitable responsibilities of success; and as Hunter Thompson so consistently pointed out, “You buy the ticket, you take the ride.”

So, as this will hopefully be your cross to bear one fine day, what do you, young Thespian, think of Bella’s tale of woe? Is she a pampered Hollywood ingrate or does she have a legitimate beef when it comes to these insolent shutter snappers? Is losing a significant portion of your privacy worth the payoff of enormous paychecks and prestige? Would you trade in your quiet walks and anonymity for a bunch of stalkers following you around with Sony cameras? Inquiring minds would love to know!