It’s difficult to imagine a bigger star in the sports and entertainment world right now than the comely Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey. Ronda just submitted number one contender, Cat Zingano, Saturday night in an astonishing fourteen-second win; hence setting the record for the fastest finish in UFC history! Rousey is arguably the biggest star in the UFC, and that would include the men’s combatants as well.

But Ronda is much more than just a fighter; she is a model of fitness and beauty, a burgeoning movie star, and an ambitious entrepreneur. She has graced the covers of numerous fitness magazines including the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and she is now moving into the world of fashion with a lucrative Buffalo David Bitton contract, among other high-profile modeling gigs.

But what makes someone who mauls and crushes other women for a living come to be recognized as beautiful and desirable? It’s a bit unlikely as Ronda’s been compared to the notorious Mike Tyson for her focus and fury in the warrior’s ring. But there are many aspects to ponder while considering the feared pugilist’s beauty. Granted, Ronda is a very pretty woman naturally with her prominent features, pearly white teeth, and thick blond locks. And it helps that she’s been so dominant in the octagon that she hasn’t sustained any real damage to her face. But what also makes Ronda an icon of beauty is her hard work, her dedication, her self-reliance, and her achievements. Seeing a beautiful woman working so hard to master a craft and to accomplish her goals is inspiring, and we dare say, sexy. And for a culture obsessed with a rail-thin fashion aesthetic for the better part of fifty years, Ronda’s strong, sturdy, capable build is a fresh take on the female beauty paradigm. To put it in simple terms, Ronda looks “healthy.”

Are you glad to see more variety and less severe restrictions in the media regarding women’s beauty?