Micheal Phelps

The 2012 Olympic Games, London are about to begin! For most Olympic competitors training 6 – 8 hours a day is not uncommon. These elite athletes eat, sleep, and breathe their sport. And whether it’s swimming, track and field, or gymnastics, it takes an incomprehensible amount of focus and dedication and belief to medal at the Olympic Games. Take Michael Phelps; he’s vying to become the most decorated athlete in Olympic history this summer. His grueling workout regime actually requires he consume 12,000 calories a day–and, by doing so, he maintains 7% body fat.

Click here to see (if not believe) Phelps’ outrageous daily food regime.

Kobe Bryant

Already in incredible shape, Kobe Bryant purportedly lost sixteen pounds training for this year’s Olympics to optimize his well-established insane athletic skills…as if they weren’t enough on their own!

Despite all the rigors of training, platform diver Brittany Viola has had to battle injuries as well as the demon of bulimia for her chance to compete in the Olympics. “I was finally able to realize that I am beautiful just the way I am and that nothing needs to change,” said Viola.

Olympians understand the competition is fierce, and rising to the top requires absolute commitment. Each person struggles with their own basket of challenges and set backs as they strive for the gold. Track star and London hopeful, Lolo Jones has, stated that remaining celibate has been the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life—even harder than training. In other words, she’s had to forgo sex as she’s training for her Olympic dream. Click here to hear Jones explain why she’s celibate. 

Brittany Viola: "The world will see a different side of me in 2012. I'm fulfilling that dream."

The Olympics are sure to inspire all people to commit to their dreams. So actors, take note! Whatever your challenges are, realize they are obstacles—obstacles that can be overcome and can make you stronger. Let the 2012 Olympics be your Olympics. Let inspiration instill the belief in your heart that you can achieve your goals and passions regardless of the challenges ahead of you.

Lolo Jones