Roundup of IG Live

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Casting Frontier has been committed to sharing useful resources, such as our IGTV LIVE Instagram Series, to keep us all connected and informed. Casting Frontier has interviewed industry professionals ranging from acting coaches, casting directors, agents and more, and in September, the series continued with two exceptional entertainment professionals – commercial session director Ezrah Lockwood, and Brian Confer, CEO of The Headshot Truck.

Keep reading for an overview of September’s Instagram Live events. 


Ezrah Lockwood

Ezrah Lockwood, one of the most sought-out commercial session runners and directors in Los Angeles, joined Casting Frontier for a one-hour IG Live session at the start of September. He shared his experience in detail, including how he executes his clients’ vision in the audition room from a casting perspective. Ezrah then dove into what he regularly goes over with talent in the audition room, plus tips to keep in mind. 

Top Question:

IG Viewer Rachel: “I’m a content creator and have my own film equipment. Is this a good thing to list on my Casting Frontier profile?”

Ezrah: “I am from the school of thought that that is a positive. Then I know you’re working on stuff and doing your own thing. That’s a tip to me that you’re making an effort and taking the craft seriously. Perhaps there may be some who disagree, but I’d stamp that with a ‘YES!’”

See the full Instagram Live and learn about common mistakes actors make, and the audition process in detail with Ezrah Lockwood by clicking HERE


Brian Confer

Wondering how to keep headshots current? This Instagram Live episode is right for you! Casting Frontier spoke with Brain Confer, CEO and founder of The Headshot Truck, a company designed to help actors get affordable, high-quality professional headshots. Throughout the IG Live, Brian provided tips for headshots, looks, COVID-safety advice for sessions, and more. The Headshot Truck is a truly unique business, offering headshots in package form that are available to view in REAL TIME during your session. 

Top Question:

IG Viewer Torianno: “How far ahead of time can I book a session?”

Brian: “Right away! We had someone book in today, for tomorrow. So, if you need to shoot as early as the next day, we can. We also have what we call an ASAP delivery, as there are some actors who will come to us and say, ‘I have an audition in two days…I need this new look.’ We can get that to you and do a rush delivery in one business day, so you have all your photos in time.”

Check out the full Instagram Live and learn more about headshots with The Headshot Truck by clicking here.


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