Camera Operator At Work filming for a commercial At Casting Frontier, our mission is to help actors everywhere expand their careers through our convenient online casting portal. While many seeking acting jobs have dreams of their name on a billboard, there’s a whole other side of the acting industry that can be just as lucrative and rewarding: commercials. If you’re interested in building a career for yourself in commercial acting, we can help – and here are our tips on how to nail a commercial casting call. 

Prepare Well for The Audition

First, you’ll need to find a commercial casting call, but right here on Casting Frontier is a good place to start. Once you’ve got your spot, though, you’ll need to prepare. 

Some commercial casting calls will give you sides or lines to learn, and if they do, it’s never a bad idea to memorize them. Even if you do have a commercial copy to read, don’t stress too much over it. It’s important to be yourself in a commercial audition, which may involve reading the lines or improvising in your own words. 

What you should worry about, however, is your dress. Commercial auditions in the US require actors to be very literal: depending on the part, you should plan to come either in full costume or in clothing that makes a heavy nod to the role. Don’t assume the casting director will be able to see the character on you. 

Stay On Your Game

During the audition itself, it’s critical to stay in the moment the whole day through. Avoid reading a magazine or being on your phone in the waiting room, as this can pull you out of the moment. Stay aware, stay plugged in, and stay ready: this will help you be yourself when you head in to audition. 

And as with any kind of acting audition, remember to be nice to everyone you meet. Casting directors know what goes on in the waiting room and will talk to all of the assistants about each candidate, so if you’re rude or curt with someone at the audition, the casting director will hear about it. Stay professional and keep a warm attitude with everyone you speak to. 

Apply for Commercial Auditions Online

These tips will help you prepare for and nail a casting call for a commercial – now all you need to do is find one! Sign up for Casting Frontier today to get instant access to dozens of casting calls all over the country and take your acting career to the next level. We can’t wait to help you find your next role!