While you may stuck at home during this pandemic, there are a number of exercises you can practice to keep up your singing (and VO) voice in shape for your next audition.

Do a very basic vocal warm up every day at least 5x per week is ideal to grow and strengthen, and 3x to minimally to maintain vocal muscle strength.

These are my recommendations:

Start from the middle of your range around middle C-G on AH doing a 1/2 scale exercise all the way to the top of your range first and then repeat all the way down to the bottom of your range. This is a ‘stretch’ of the vocal cords to get them awake and ready for more advanced exercise.

Do a pitch drill

Pitch can go weaker when muscles aren’t exercised regularly.  A Simple drill hitting random notes on the piano on ‘bee’ is very worthwhile to focus on keep pitch maintained, since this is one of the reasons you could not win an audition as a singer, I highly recommend this.

Work your middle range with middle range drills

Since the middle part of your voice is what singers use the most, it is beneficial to exercise your middle range to keep it strong and develop more stamina, since most songs are more likely to hit upon the melody in the middle of your voice, I find this the weakest in most of my clients.  A simple repetitive 4 note like C-F and back is great, very simple, on EE and/or OO.

Speaking of vowels, sing at least 3 different vowels when warming up. I recommend AH, EE and OO. These vowels are in most words, so this is a good way of working most of your voice and warming up all your sections of your voice, meaning Head, Chest and the Middle range.

Breathing Exercises

A standard one used in top schools is laying of the floor with a paperback book (or equivalent size and weight) centered directly sideways on your belly button. Inhale and fill up the air to the bottom of your lungs, which will make the book rise up.  Exhale slowly, a pin hole of air out of your mouth and mentally count to 10 secs while exhaling. You may only be able to count to 4 or 5 on your first try, but work towards getting to 10.  Then repeat this for about 5 minutes. every day. It’s relaxing, it expands your lung capacity, and it develops your breathing mechanism for singing and supporting the voice. This is the most basic exercise. There are more advanced drills, but this is good for you to do for at least a month, to build the lung capacity and strengthen the singing muscles you will use later.  I have a basic vocal warm u you can purchase on my website if you don’t have one, and want something standard and basic that is good for your voice.

Once warmed up sing your favorite song and then get down to business. Take each section of a song and break it down, and drill it over and over until you feel good about it. Fix the pitch, get the style down, work on memorizing the words more so you can freely just sing and communicate to your audience for your audition. If your voice feels tired in anyway, please rest it, and then get back to it later, or even the next day. A slow build of the voice is better than going overboard and irritating the vocal cords and throat muscles, which will impede your development of where you want to go.

More Tips:

Stay hydrated

The throat and cords like to stay moist and hydrated. When I was working with a Grammy Award winning Producer, he was in the studio with Celine Dion and she used to eat potato chips, which had oil in them, to keep her throat lubricated. Just a little tid bit.

Most coaches like myself are available for sessions on Skype, or Zoom, and Facetime. I have found it to work very well. There are even remote recording systems avail if you want to record remotely.

In closing here are a few other tips for creating at home, some things to do to help you move forward on your Artistic Development:

Write a poem that you can turn into a song / Learn a new cover song

Do your research

Whether an actor or singer or both, you can research different companies, labels, TV production companies and see and match up your skills with different labels and TV Shows. It makes great conversation when you have the audition of your dreams!

Practice recording

This cannot be stressed enough. Especially actors, and for social media posting, now is the time to get good at this because you will use it in the future!

Have fun

Written by Valerie Fahren

Valerie Fahren is a well-known Vocal Coach and Artist Development Career Coach in Los Angeles and can be reached at valeriefahren.com and her FB page is Valerie Fahren Productions.  Her studio is 818-815-8584