10 Tips to Get Your Film Career Started in L.A.

Whether Los Angeles is truly a city of angels is still up for debate, but one thing’s for certain: LA is a city full of stars. Los Angeles has made its name as the film capital of the world with countless star actors, producers, and directors calling Hollywood home. Accordingly, it’s no surprise that aspiring filmmakers everywhere flock to LA to jumpstart their film career – but that’s easier said than done. At Casting Frontier, we’ve seen firsthand what separates successful filmmakers from the rest, so we’re here to provide some simple tips on how to get your film career started in LA.

10 Tips to Start Your Film Career in LA

Moving to Hollywood with stars in your eyes? You’ve got a long road ahead of you – but with persistence, hard work, and a whole lot of heart, it can be done. Our online casting portal regularly helps up-and-coming filmmakers find the talent they need to get their projects off the ground, so here are some tried-and-true tips on starting a film career in Los Angeles:

  • Professional Actor Ready for a ShootMake Some Coffee Dates: Getting coffee with a personal or professional contact to catch up, talk over current projects, and plan for the future is a time-honored tradition in LA, so make use of it! When you first move to the city, make sure to reach out to all your contacts both to say hi and find out what’s happening in your network. 
  • Simplify Your Elevator Pitch: In LA, everybody and their mother (and their uncle) wants to be a filmmaker. That means you need to have a short, snappy pitch when you meet a new contact, and to make sure that you have work online that’s easy to direct someone to.
  • Do Your Homework: Film school isn’t necessary for everyone, but you do have to do your homework. Watch films incessantly and carefully study the narrative arch, camera work, editing, and other aspects to learn what makes a film truly great. 
  • Work for Scraps: Even the millionaires started out working for pennies, and you will too. You’ll need to take low-paying or even no-paying jobs at the beginning of your career, but the contacts you gain here will prove invaluable later on. 
  • Be Professional: The truth is, it’s not always the most talented people who make it. Soft skills like work ethic, attitude, and punctuality all figure just as much into success, so stay professional with every gig. 
  • Know What You Want: While it’s good to say yes to everything at first, you should get clear with yourself on what kind of projects you really want to be doing. That way, you can communicate that clearly when opportunities arise and make sure your career is headed in the right direction. 
  • Do Cold Outreach: Friends are great, but not all professional connections are made by an acquaintance. If there’s a filmmaker, casting director, producer, or actor whose work you admire, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. It may be the start of a fruitful relationship. 
  • Get Comfortable with Disappointment: Wherever your career takes you, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be rejected, panned, and told no more times than you’ll be able to count. Get used to it and don’t take it personally – it’s the price of admission. 
  • Make Your Own Movies: No matter where you are in your career, even if you’re working a day job at Subway, you should always be making movies in your free time. They can be low budget, unedited, or just plain bad, but you should always be making something. 
  • Make Finding Talent Easy: One challenge of making films is finding good actors, but now there are tools to help with this. Sign up for an online casting portal to help you find quality actors who are up-and-coming just like you and looking for new opportunities. 

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