Your acting resume, along with your headshot, is one of the most important documents at your disposal for securing an acting job. It’s what casting directors will look at after an audition to keep you in memory and look over your past experience, and if you’re applying for an acting job online, it’s the difference between getting an audition and getting passed up. At Casting Frontier, we’re proud to connect actors with world-class casting directors through our online audition and casting call platform, and we’d love to share a few tips for making sure your resume is as strong as your acting for an audition. 

How to Ace Your Acting Resume

Have a big audition coming up? Don’t forget that your acting resume can be just as important as your sides. As a professional online castings platform, we’ve seen firsthand what separates standout acting resumes from the rest of the pile – so here are our tips on how to perfect your resume for your next audition:

  • Use Order of Importance, Not Order of Occurrence: On an acting resume, there’s no need to list your experience chronologically. You want to highlight your most impressive roles first so they grab the casting director’s attention, so make sure to put all lead and starring roles at the top of each section. 
  • Group by Format: A page full of theater plays, film roles, and TV spots all mixed in together is hard for casting directors to read quickly. Make sure to group experience by category, and include the name of the work, the role you played, the director, and the production company in each entry. 
  • Keep It to a Page: In the acting industry, you only have so much time to impress an audience – and the same applies to your resume. No matter how much experience you have, keep your previous acting experience to just a single page. 
  • Tailor the Resume to the Role: If you have enough experience, you may need to limit the number of roles you feature in your resume. If that’s the case, make sure to choose what to include based on what you’re auditioning for. If you’re trying out for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the serial killer you played on a TV crime drama probably doesn’t need to make an appearance. 
  • Get on the Flip Side: For a truly professional appearance, print your acting resume on the back of your headshot. This not only looks clean, but it also prevents the two from getting separated. If you can’t do this before the audition, carefully staple your resume to your headshot and trim any paper that sticks out from the headshot so the edges line up cleanly. 

Audition for Acting Roles Online Today!

These tips will help you create an impactful, professional acting resume that’s guaranteed to wow casting directors – and if you’re ready to put that resume into action, we make it easy. Casting Frontier lets you apply for casting calls and auditions with real casting directors all over the country, all at the touch of a button. Our mission is to help you get your next acting job fast and move your career forward – so what are you waiting for? Join Casting Frontier and apply for online castings today!