The month of March used to be a time to consider working out more intensely, and breaking out your summer gear in anticipation of beach weather. It was a time to welcome spring and honor the blooming flowers; a time to stroll through venerable museums; amble around parks, and perhaps, to fall in love.

But that’s all changed. March is now a time to consider your brackets, analyze the office pool, park your behind in front of the boob tube for two weeks, and sweat like the devil over your brackets! In short, March is now a time of madness–college basketball madness, that is! The NCAA basketball tournament has become so popular and such a point of contention that the U. S. Congress takes political aim at the President of the United States of America for submitting his bracket picks every year. By the way, President Obama has the unbeaten powerhouse Kentucky winning it all this year with Arizona, Villinova, and Duke rounding out the Final Four. For someone who’s considered to be at least fairly liberal, those are pretty conservative picks.

And what does all this madness have to do with you, humble Thespian? What does it have to do with the intellectual, the artist, the aesthete who may have little or no interest in March Madness? Opportunity! Even if you have no interest whatsoever in college roundball, or even if you are violently opposed to so much attention being focused on athletic competitions, just look how many commercials they’re airing during these broadcasts! And look how many eyeballs the networks have on these silly games! If nothing else, that’s a lot of auditioning opportunities for an ambitious and opportunistic actor!

You need to get in the game because madness is not only occurring in March. Oh, no. You have the granddaddy of them all, the Super Bowl, which hit an all-time high in terms of viewership and other metrics this year. There’s the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, the Masters Golf Tournament, The Kentucky Derby, the NBA All-Star Game, the Daytona 500, and the list goes on! Heck, NFL Draft Day is a hugely popular pro-sporting event–and no one’s even playing!

You, as an actor, need to understand the depth of opportunity out there, and get moving! Get in class, update your online profile, audition for everything you’re right for, post your reel on Casting Frontier, and renew your headshots. Get serious about your dreams, goals, and ambitions! There’s plenty of opportunity out there; just take a glance at March Madness over the next week. You’ll see. And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Good luck and keep going!