Geraldo Rivera was so impressed with his seventy-year-old wrinkly physique, he tweeted a semi-nude selfie at 2:30 a.m. after a long day at work and a “couple of drinks.” What followed was a message from his daughter in all caps which read, “TAKE THAT THING DOWN RIGHT NOW!” and an onslaught of negative publicity he hadn’t experienced since he injected fat from his butt cheek into his face on national television. Over the past few years the troubled child star, Amanda Bynes has posted such patently weird selfies it’s hard to believe some kind of controlled substance wasn’t involved–or uncontrolled substance, for that matter. (Regardless, she probably thinks I’m ugly anyway.) Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler recently shared their extreme wealth and privilege with the rest of the world by tweeting a finely attired bromance selfie at the 2013 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Men’s Final match. And while married to Katy Perry, Russell Brand posted a pic of his wife on Twitter sans her customary heavy makeup. For some unknown reason, he took the picture down quickly, and perhaps coincidentally (perhaps not) the two divorced shortly after the incident.

The moral to be gleaned from these infamous digital images? Don’t drink and shoot! Even though you’re not yet an A-list actor dodging paparazzi, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful with the image you present. Your image and the personality you project is just as important now as it will be when you’re famous; after all, this stage of your career is training ground, not to mention, you probably have considerable exposure on social media already. Let’s face it, anyone can make an ass of him or herself–you don’t have to be a celebrity to realize infamy. In fact, you, young thespian, probably have more to lose. You don’t have an entourage of publicists, PR people, and managers to cover for you after a night of tequila slammers.

So, do you have any embarrassing, juicy, or otherwise infamous selfie stories? We’d love for you to share!