With each passing day of the coronavirus lockdown, many people are finding an assortment of creative ways to occupy their time and keep their minds off of the darkness. Hopefully, this kind of quarantine situation will only occur once in our lifetime. But for years to come, just as folks remember what they did during the Depression or on 9/11, people will never forget the way they passed the time during COVID-19. Imagine all the future Thanksgiving gatherings when loved ones will ask one another: “What did you do during the quarantine?” Here are some of the creative ways certain individuals will be answering that question.

A Horse with No Name

No description is needed for this video—just watch! Mara Van Nes wrote about her experiences after creating this 41-second video to America’s song “Horse With No Name”: “While in quarantine, we made this video. It was not meant to go viral, but suddenly it did. We are both theatre makers that work in the social-artistic field; we always aim to connect to a diverse group of people. Apparently and unexpectedly, this video did just that.”

Howling at the moon

The whole city of Mill Valley, California has been making a nightly habit of howling like a pack of wolves in unison. Each night at 8:00, residents step outside of their homes to shout out their calls of the wild. Who knows what the coyotes, deer, raccoon, and rabbits are thinking as the howls echo through the wooded canyon? Strange days, indeed.

Car-Eating Pacman, Greasy exercise equipment, Out-the-window Racquetballing, and more

Here is a compilation displaying several comical ways people are adapting to boredom. A home with a window view of city traffic quickly turns into a game of Pacman with the aid of a sock; a man squirts cooking oil on the kitchen floor to create a makeshift home gym when exercise options are limited; impressive racquetball players who can’t access a court settle for an out-of-the-window game several stories up; a college student whose graduation ceremony will be called off because of social-distancing requirements, finds a clever digital way to receive his diploma; and a pillow fight with a hoods-over-faces rule makes for some good fun.

Healthcare Products “U Can’t Touch This” – COVID-19 Edition

“Disinfect high-touch surfaces,” “Use a tissue,” “Maintain a healthy lifestyle” are phrases we’re often hearing from health officials these days. When Nick Savino saw all his healthcare products lying around the house, he felt inspiration—not necessarily to clean but to make music. Indeed, he created his own coronavirus-version music video based on MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” by using just a handful of products for instruments. “Hope this brings some joy, laughter, and smiles to your day during this tough time due to coronavirus,” Savino wrote. “Let’s stay positive!”

Sportscasters narrate daily life during COVID-19

What’s a professional sportscaster to do when all the big sports events have been postponed due to the coronavirus? Stay at home, just like everyone else—but call the shots around the house play-by-play! After watching this video, you’ll see that you can take the sportscaster away from the game, but you can’t keep the game out of the sportscaster. Indeed, they enthusiastically comment on dogs playfully racing around the pool, mundane tasks such as putting away dishes, and even the interactions between their family members. Would you be able to survive being quarantined with a sportscaster?

Are you coming up with creative ways to spend your days at home during the coronavirus pandemic? If so, please share!  Wishing the best of health to you and your loved ones!