pngImmersed with classes, auditions, work, commuting, and holiday shopping? Well, Casting Frontier’s Actor on the Go Version 2 can help streamline your busy schedule by keeping you connected to your acting career anywhere at any time.

What does TCF Actor on the Go Version 2 app allow actors to do?

First of all, it features easy tools to edit your entire upgraded Casting Frontier profile at will, download sides, as well as enable you to email your profile. You can confirm auditions, and submit your profile for roles–all from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Also, Actor on the Go allows you to view Casting Frontier’s public submissions board, and submit for roles directly via your mobile device. Likewise, choosing between headshots is simple, as is creating personalized notes to attach to each submission. And you can use this app to confirm or cancel audition times received through Casting Frontier.

These conveniences are available now for both Apple iOS and Android. Simply open in iTunes to buy and download the app.

Let’s face it, technology has become a huge part of just about every business, and the entertainment business is no different. All this technology that we surround ourselves with is supposed to make our lives more efficient and more productive. Actor on the Go delivers on this expectation. The acting field is a very competitive arena, and actors are empowered to take charge of their careers with digital tools–particularly the unprecedented technological tools Casting Frontier offers–to rise to the top. So take advantage of Actor on the Go because you’re an actor on the go, and an actor on the way up!