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Chris Pratt Paid Thousands for a Movie Role in 2003
Sep 25, 2016

Chris Pratt Paid Thousands for a Movie Role in 2003

When you think of Chris Pratt, you might think: movie star, action hero, making millions per film. He’s the explosive-loving gambler in The Magnificent Seven, a velociraptor trainer in Jurassic World, a Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty, the superhero Star-Lord in… Read More

‘The Americans’ Keri Russell’s Emmy Nomination
Sep 9, 2016

‘The Americans’ Keri Russell’s Emmy Nomination

While Game of Thrones leads the Primetime Emmy Awards this year with 23 nominations, a number of shows have shined through this year including F.X.’s critically beloved drama series The Americans. Costars Keri Russell and Welsh actor Matthew Rhys portray… Read More

Goodbye to Gene Wilder
Sep 2, 2016

Goodbye to Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder died earlier this week at home in Stamford, Connecticut at the age of 83 due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease. The beloved comic actor, screenwriter, film director, and author created many loyal fans over the decades who are now… Read More

The Importance of Maintaining Your Online Presence
Aug 29, 2016

The Importance of Maintaining Your Online Presence

With all the emphasis on internet searches and social media these days, it’s important for actors to periodically take a step back and look at their online presence. Many casting directors are making use of all online tools available to… Read More

‘Black-ish’ Star Anthony
Aug 26, 2016

‘Black-ish’ Star Anthony Anderson Receives Emmy Nomination

Anthony Anderson is both a producer and star of the popular ABC sitcom Black-ish playing the upper-middle-class ad executive Andre “Dre” Johnson, Sr. who oversees his family through various issues of race and class. Anderson was recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy… Read More

Aug 15, 2016

Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky’s Advice on Setting Goals

The Olympics are overflowing with inspiring personal stories in recent days. Astounding athletic talents like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, and so many others have overcome numerous challenges and left us in awe during the Rio games…. Read More

Aug 8, 2016

‘Game of Thrones” Peter Dinklage Goes for Third Emmy

Peter Dinklage’s nomination for the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards marks his sixth consecutive year of being Emmy-nominated for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister on the HBO hit Game of Thrones. The star has already won two Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmys as… Read More

Aug 5, 2016

Don Cheadle Talks About the Real Work of Acting

In The Off Camera Show with interviewer Sam Jones, accomplished actor Don Cheadle discusses his convictions about the real work of actors. First of all, he states, “Well I think a lot of times that people think that you have to… Read More

Jul 28, 2016

Snapchat with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jared Leto and Hallie Steinfeld

Many famous actors routinely create Snapchat stories to connect with fans, friends, and family, but it’s not always easy to find them. Snapchat requires no identification verification process as usernames are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. This results… Read More

Jul 11, 2016

‘General Hospital”s Tyler Christopher Wins Emmy Award

It’s been 20 years since Tyler Christopher started performing as the dark horse Nikolas Cassadine on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital. Although he’d previously received three Emmy nominations for the part, this fourth nomination proved to be a charm:… Read More

Jul 4, 2016

Do You Use SnapChat to Promote Your Personal Brand?

One of the most popular apps on the market these days is Snapchat. It’s a lot of fun as it encourages playful and creative content, is easy to use, and it can be used as a tool to promote your… Read More

Jun 27, 2016

Selena Gomez’s Impromtu Dance with Adorable Girl

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your heart wrenched and filled up with joy; if it’s been some time since you’ve dared to hope for a better world; if it’s been a minute since you’ve been inspired by… Read More

Jun 20, 2016

Casting Directors on Following Their Instincts

How long does it take for some casting directors to decide if you’re in strong contention for a role? Apparently, they know pretty quickly. In a recent Yahoo! TV interview, Emmy-contending casting directors were asked how long it takes before… Read More

Jun 13, 2016

Lessons from ‘Hamilton’

The smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton based on the founding father Alexander Hamilton has been described as “an achievement of historical and cultural reimagining.” The production was nominated for a record-setting 16 Tony Awards, eleven of which it won on Sunday night. The… Read More

Jun 10, 2016

Michelle Williams on Toughing It Out

Have you ever had to perform while you were sick or hurt? Staying focused, committed, and energized at these compromising times can prove to be an actor’s crucible! Other professions likely prefer a sick employee stay home to nurse themselves… Read More