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Mar 24, 2018

Bill Hader on His Struggles with Ongoing Performance Anxiety

From playing beloved SNL characters like Devin and Stefon to starring as a hitman in his HBO dark comedy series Barry, it’s fair to assume that Bill Hader is a confident and comfortable performer. But that would be a mistake!… Read More

Mar 17, 2018

Actor Tips to Manage Disappointments

Have you ever had your acting hopes and expectations crumble due to disappointment? Maybe you didn’t land a desired role, or after being cast, you were informed you were being replaced? Indeed, an actor’s journey is naturally full of disappointments,… Read More

Mar 15, 2018

Finding the Character’s Dramatic Need in Their Life & In The Journey of the Script

When I began to study screenwriting with Syd Field, one of the major principles that he taught me was Dramatic Need and it really struck a chord with me. Below is a discussion of how now, years later, I teach… Read More

Mar 10, 2018

Insights from Acting Coach Larry Moss

For almost 40 years, Larry Moss has directed numerous theater productions and coached countless thespians for stage and screen. The legendary acting coach worked with Helen Hunt on her Oscar-winning As Good As It Gets role; Hilary Swank in her Academy… Read More

Mar 2, 2018

Casting Director Bonnie Timmerman on Looking Deeper

Casting director/producer Bonnie Timmermann has an understated manner about her, but she’s certainly a powerhouse. Throughout her forty-year career, she’s cast about 100 films including Heat, Black Hawk Down, Armageddon, Amadeus, Glengarry Glen Ross, Carlito’s Way, Trading Places–and the list… Read More

Feb 24, 2018

Will Smith Launches His Own YouTube Channel

Will Smith is now a YouTube vlogger, and since mid-December, he’s raked in over 700,000 subscribers. The megastar launched the channel so viewers can watch him as he showcases his playful sense of humor, ventures to exotic lands, and gains… Read More

Feb 12, 2018

Jenna Fischer Reflects on the Trait That Led to Her Career as a Working Actor

Jenna Fischer is best known for playing Pam Beesly on the popular NBC sitcom The Office, for which she received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Well, she recently authored her first book entitled The Actor’s Life: A Survival… Read More

New Year's Resolution
Feb 6, 2018

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

February has already arrived and for many actors, the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions go hand in hand. Starry eyed hopefuls will imagine networking more, plan to nail every audition, and decide to look into that commercial class they have… Read More

Jan 19, 2018

An Overlooked Item for Every Actor’s Toolkit

Being a great actor takes talent, hard work, focus, endurance, and a bit of old-fashioned luck. Having all these components working on your behalf is a tall order in and of itself, but succeeding as a working actor also takes… Read More

Dec 22, 2017

Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting in Masterclass

The highly prolific actor and Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson is currently teaching the craft of acting with an online MasterClass. The class consists of 21 video lessons designed to elevate actors’ level of skill with topics including: creating characters,… Read More

Dec 15, 2017

How to share your accomplishments

How well do you share information about what is happening in your acting career? Do you play down your bookings and callbacks? Do you not mention them at all? Maybe you want to start being a little more competitive. I… Read More

Nov 26, 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal Finds Joy in the Process

Jake Gyllenhaal is celebrated for his many performances including the title role of Donnie Darko and his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. When Gyllenhaal takes on a role, he’s known to commit intensely to the character. This can include physical… Read More

Nov 17, 2017

Helen Mirren Teaches Acting in Masterclass

In early 2018, British actress Helen Mirren will be teaching the craft of acting in an online Masterclass. Mirren is one of the few performers to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. That is, she earned an Academy Award for Best… Read More

Oct 23, 2017

Lessons Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Learned Along the Way

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s impressive career includes acting, producing, and being an award-winning, professional wrestler. Before that, he won a national championship with the University of Miami Hurricanes football team. He’s respected and adored by his many fans for both… Read More

Oct 9, 2017

5 Guidelines for Improv

In this Tedx Talk, improv instructor Jennifer Hunter and members of her ensemble demonstrate five fundamentals of improvisation, and she insists these skills are useful in creating a better, more enjoyable life as well. The parameters of improv provide structure… Read More