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Oct 29, 2018

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Halloween candy bowls stuffed to the brim ready for a steady stream of trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner … it’s the time of the year when culinary temptations seem to pop up every which way you turn!… Read More

Creating, promoting, marketing and protecting your brand online
Oct 17, 2018

Creating, Promoting, Marketing and Protecting Your Brand Online

The digital landscape has changed all of our lives, from how we stay connected with each other to how we create and build our careers. But with the tremendous opportunities now available to both have a voice and to build… Read More

Oct 15, 2018

Take the Quiz: What’s Your Creative Type?

Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you? “I’m an actor because I love learning the craft and getting whisked away into a scene, but how do I go about getting an agent?” “There’s nothing more rewarding than… Read More

Aug 13, 2018

The Basics of Starting and Maintaining Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube has revolutionized the way content is created and distributed. According to Wikipedia, YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet. With 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, the platform is also the second largest search engine…. Read More

6 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People
Aug 13, 2018

6 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People

Do you wonder where so much of your time went by the end of the day? Are your smartphones, social media accounts, TV programs, and video games habitually distracting you? Maybe you find yourself getting to sleep late in the… Read More

6 Actors Share Their Bulking-Up Diets and Workout Routines
Jul 30, 2018

6 Actors Share Their Bulking-Up Diets and Workout Tips

There’s a lot of pressure on actors who are set to portray characters with massive, if not impossibly muscular physiques. Once a shoot date is on the calendar and the clock is ticking, they are challenged to measure up to… Read More

Jul 17, 2018

SCRIPT ANALYSIS: Part 1 – Actors! You Really Should Know What You’re Talking About

Two Questions: If you were given the instruction manual for a new product but the manual was meant for a completely different product, do you think you’d have much success properly operating that product? If you landed in a foreign… Read More

Jul 14, 2018

Human Resources

I recently released a breakdown for a SAG-AFTRA feature film and I thought I would write a blog about my side of the experience as it was happening. I’ve always considered myself to be the person in charge of Human… Read More

Bad Advice Actors Are Glad They Ignored
Jul 9, 2018

Bad Advice Actors Are Glad They Ignored

With all the relentless competition in the acting world, sage advice can be invaluable. Acclaimed movie stars share their golden words of wisdom with aspiring actors during interviews; casting professionals advise talent according to their hands-on, practical experience in the… Read More

Acting Tips from William H. Macy
Jul 8, 2018

5 Acting Tips from William H. Macy

William H. Macy’s 40-year career is rich and varied, but he’s likely most known for playing the unemployable alcoholic Frank Gallagher in the Showtime series Shameless and the nervous car salesman Jerry Lundegaard trying to sell TruCoat in the crime… Read More

Jul 6, 2018

How Meditation Can Help Your Acting Career

When we hear the word meditation, certain images come to mind. For some, it’s that annoying neighbor chanting om at the top of their lungs. Sure, it’s easy to joke about these eccentrics. But there’s a reason the practice has… Read More

Audition Room Dos and Don’ts
Jul 3, 2018

Audition Room Dos and Don’ts

The audition room, Forrest Gump might say, is “like a box of chocolates … you never know what you’re gonna get.” At callbacks, any number of professionals can be present in the room–executives, producers, directors, agency representatives, casting directors– each… Read More

Chad Lindberg’s Advice on Audition Opportunities
Jun 25, 2018

‘Fast & Furious’ Actor Chad Lindberg’s Advice on Audition Opportunities

Jesse the stuttering mechanic from The Fast and the Furious is portrayed by actor Chad Lindberg, but if left to his own devices, Lindberg would never have accepted the invitation to audition for the minor but iconic role. In this… Read More

Acting Advice from The Greatest Showman’ Hugh Jackman
Jun 19, 2018

Acting Advice from ‘The Greatest Showman’ Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman certainly has a can-do spirit. Besides acting, he sings, plays several instruments, dances, hosts, and produces films. Jackman is also known for the versatility of the roles he plays; he’s a great fit in romantic comedies,… Read More

Jun 14, 2018

Prepare to Succeed By Building Your Professional Team and Support System

I learned this equation as a kid, and it is still the most valuable math lesson I have ever been taught. Success is not a fluke. It is the result of countless hours spent in preparation for the opportunity of… Read More