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May 25, 2018

An Audition is Not a Test

An audition is your time to perform for the purpose of showing how you would do a part in a film, TV show, commercial, etc. It is a chance to show a sample of your creative work. While this is… Read More

Jun 7, 2017

Casting Director Lucy Bevan’s Audition Room Tips

Acclaimed casting director Lucy Bevan boasts a long and impressive resume which includes casting for Maleficent, Cinderella, Jungle Book, and more recently Beauty and the Beast. Based in London, she selects talent for British independent films, theater, television as well as… Read More

Oct 13, 2016

CBS Launches Drama Diversity Casting Outside of LA and NY

CBS has launched a Drama Diversity Casting initiative, and is seeking new talent for their current series as well as upcoming pilots. So, from October 13-28, actors ages 18 and up are encouraged to submit self-taped monologues through their website… Read More

Apr 15, 2016

The Best Reasons You Didn’t Get The Part

Can there ever be a good reason not to get the part? I know that you’re probably thinking “No!” Trust me, that’s the wrong answer. I know that many actors walk into my office with one thing in mind, and… Read More

Oct 12, 2015

Battling Nerves

One of the biggest problems for actors are how to combat nerves. It can derail even the most prepared actor. I’ve had dozens of actors ask me how to quash this audition killer. The answer is manifold. When I studied… Read More

Oct 6, 2011

Today’s Public Roles

Role Name: Older boy (white), Gender: Male, Age Range: 11-12 Role Name: Older boy (ethnic), Gender: Male, Age Range: 11-12 Role Name: Jogger, Gender: Female, Age Range: 24-28 Role Name: Real Golfers Boys, Gender: Male, Age Range: 10-15 Role Name:… Read More

Oct 5, 2011

Today’s Public Roles

Role Name: Clutch Allen, Gender: Male, Age Range: 24-27, Link: Role Name: Bull Sanders, Gender: Male, Age Range: 33-37, Link: Role Name: Clint Anders, Gender: Male, Age Range: 28-32, Link: Role Name: Brandon O’Malley, Gender: Male, Age… Read More

Sep 22, 2011

Today’s Public Roles

Los Angeles: Role Name: Elderly Man, Gender: Male, Age Range:59-65 Role Name: Elderly Woman, Gender: Female, Age Range 59-65 Role Name: Bank Associate, Gender: Female, Age Range: 25-29 New York: Role Name: Ambar Jones, Gender: Female, Age Range:… Read More