Just how determined are you to gain exposure in the highly competitive field of acting? Are you willing to put in 48 frenzied, passionate, and sleepless hours with a team of like-minded movie makers to create a film that will be featured at a local movie theater in a celebrated film festival? If this sounds like you, you certainly are not alone. Indeed, last year over 50,000 filmmakers created approximately 4,000 movies in 120 cities on 6 continents just to participate in the renowned 48 Hour Film Project. And what better time to get in on the fun than now? The 48 Hour Film Project will be in Los Angeles on the weekend of August 2-4, 2013 to see who can create the finest short film in a scant 48 hours.

Yes, that includes writing, shooting, editing, and scoring–all within the minuscule time frame. This is how it goes: On a Friday night, you are assigned a character, a prop, a line of dialogue, and a genre that are required to be included in your movie. 48 hours later, your short film must be completed and submitted. Then, your movie will be played on the silver screen of a Los Angeles theater. Come on, isn’t this what you came to this town for?!

Teams are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you register, the better. Also keep in mind, if you are unable to assemble a movie-making team on your own, you still have a chance to be placed on an existing team by entering your name, email, skills, and job desired on a “Put Yourself Out There” form.

We at Casting Frontier have sponsored the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project this year, and we are cheering for all our members to see their acting dreams realized–and then some!