Supporting Our Clients During COVID-19

Casting Frontier is doing everything we can to support our our talent and clients during COVID-19. Our goal is to provide the best digital casting tools so you can cast great projects and — as importantly — maintain the safety and health of your staff and clients.

Below you will find valuable resources that provide casting, agents, and talent with the ability to cast virtually. Our support staff are on duty during normal business hours to assist.

Casting Directors & Content Creators

  1. Self Tapes CF Cast Self Tapes provides you with a fast, easy and best in class way to request video self taped audition video from reps and talent. You can invite users to submit up to five takes and video(s) can be seamlessly added to your Casting Frontier project.

    When an actor receives a notice to submit a self-tape audition, they can download sides posted by casting (if applicable) as well as view any specific instructions or deadlines.

    You can request talent to re-shoot audition performances and you can share selected self tapes with clients with ease.

    Watch tutorials on CF Cast here

  2. Remote Cast With no need to use any third party apps like Skype or Blue Jeans, Casting can invite clients to join audition sessions remotely. This feature is always free and is integrated into the Casting Frontier workflow.

    Simply enable Remote Cast at the beginning of your casting session and create invitation links for up to four clients who can open the session in their web browser. At the audition time, clients can interact with talent and participate in the sessions.

    Watch tutorials on Remote Cast here

  3. Virtual Auditions Direct talent with our exclusive Virtual Audition feature, which allows casting directors and content creators to direct talent in real time while they shoot a remote self tape from any location.

    Casting simply chooses Virtual as the audition location and talent clicks on the links created in the virtual audition time(s) they are sent. Agents can forward audition times to their talent and Casting can share auditions sessions with clients.

    Learn more about Virtual Auditions here

Talent Representatives

  1. As in person auditions are likely to slow down during this time, please be aware that CF Cast Self tape requests will likely increase as a result.

Learn more about CF Cast Self Tapes and how to forward to Talent here