The Carolyne Barry Acting Academy has long been celebrated for its award-winning on-camera commercial audition workshops. The Los Angeles school offers classes in acting, commercial auditioning, improvisation, social media, Shakespeare, TV hosting as well as workshops for career strategies.

The academy was founded by the multi-talented Carolyne Barry who cultivated over 40 years of extensive professional experience as an actress, dancer, casting director, director, producer, and acting coach. Indeed, she taught commercial audition technique for over 30 years before passing last year. But Barry knew talent, and proudly assembled a team of award-winning teachers to continue the work of motivating and empowering actors both inside and outside the classroom.

Instruction emphasizes the Meisner technique for TV, film, commercial and theater acting. It’s designed to expand the actor’s ability to listen, respond, and live truthfully in each moment. The environment is a safe place for actors to take risks and grow with comprehensive class formats, proven techniques, and small class sizes. And thanks to the small class sizes, students in the commercial auditioning classes get to work on camera two to three times a night.

Among her extensive work in the industry, Carolyne performed in over 400 national television commercials, and cast over 500 commercials and infomercials for some of New York’s top commercial agents. As a result, she knew commercial casting from both sides. And she once stated,  “Good commercial acting is good acting, with less time to prepare, no pauses, more script specifics and the need to have the actor’s personality immediately accessed.”

With these kinds of high expectations on the commercial actor, it’s important to be well trained for the job at hand. According to Barry in her book entitled Hit the Ground Running, “The better the training, the better you will be. Many don’t truly understand that being an actor is a profession. Don’t be one of them. Those with abilities and talent with little or no instruction might get some acting jobs but those with training have a much better chance of having a career.”

The programs feature three different levels of acting courses. Actors can contact the school to find out which level would best suit their individual needs. Also, interested students should know that class locations are held at five different locations.

And for those of you who are interested in job positions like entertainment reporters, competition show hosts, sports-casting, or live shopping hosts, the academy offers comprehensive training for these kinds of jobs. So whether you’re an actor who’s seeking to supplement your income with hosting or if you’re long-time goal is to work as a full-time host, these classes might be right for you.

You can watch some of Carolyn Barry’s informative and encouraging instructional Youtube videos like the one featured above to learn more about classes at the academy as well as learn many helpful tips. In this particular clip, she discusses Common Rookie Audition Mistakes.