During the COVID-19 pandemic, Casting Frontier has been committed to sharing useful resources, such as our Instagram Live Series, to keep us all connected and informed. 

Casting Frontier has interviewed industry professionals ranging from acting coaches, casting directors, agents and more, and in October, the series continued with three exceptional entertainment professionals from varied backgrounds. 

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Arlene Schuster-Goss, CCDA

Arlene Schuster-Goss is an incredibly accomplished commercial casting director based out of Los Angeles, California. Arlene is the founder of asg casting, inc. and is a full-time member of the Commercial Casting Directors Association (CCDA). In the early part of her career, she was one of the in-house casting directors at HKM Productions in LA. Now, Arlene works across numerous projects from commercials, to VO, to Real People Casting. 


Top Question: 

Marsha: Is it easier to cast from self-tapes?

Arlene: No, I don’t think so. Honestly, one of the silver linings of doing the virtual auditions is that we get to see the performances as casting directors a lot more. So it’s been a great time for us to engage with people. We are in our office prepping and can’t actually be in the room. But now it’s on the computer, so we can navigate through our work and watch it. I don’t love self-tapes — not going to lie. Someone asked a question earlier, “How much do you get to redirect people through self-tapes?” I thought this was an interesting question because we wouldn’t do that. We often don’t reach back out. If it’s poorly done, we don’t send it. We will redirect when we get into callbacks, which we are now doing virtually, too. 


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Brad Heller

Brad Heller is a top acting coach, known for the established The Heller Approach Professional Acting Studio based in Los Angeles. The studio first opened in 1995, and for nearly three decades, The Heller Approach has been a great haven for students to perfect their skills, from audition technique, to scene study, the business of acting, acting in sitcoms, and much more! 


Top Question: 

Jen. R: What are some great exercises to do at home by yourself? 

Brad: For you, it depends on what you’re trying to work on that day. I suggest people work on monologues or scenes. I also suggest people work on anxiety exercises. Get a monologue, memorize it, work on it, do it to the best of your capacity. Now, do it and now try it again — but before you start I want you to imagine you are at a casting director’s office before you start — and you feel horrible, and you’re watching yourself, and start inducing a constriction experience where you feel awful. And now — ACTION — do it at your capacity. At first, you’ll feel stuck, like someone took a thumbtack and put it in your arm and said “You can’t take it out — start acting with it in you!”  At first it’s going to bother you, but eventually, you will forget the thumbtack is there. You need to train yourself to do that. 


Memorable Quote: 

“Acting is not a performance. Acting is one of receiving and listening” 


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Stuart K. Robinson 

Stuart K. Robinson is the CEO/Partner of Brady, Brannon & Rich Talent, also known as BBR Talent Agency. Stuart has supplied voices for over 300 film/animated projects and has appeared in countless television commercials over the years. One of his most notable appearances includes his three-year stint as Fruit of the Loom’s Purple Grapes. In addition to appearing in Broadway, off-Broadway and regional theater productions, he has directed and written/composed many musical theater and solo show productions. 


Top Question: 

Freddie: Is now a good time to submit to agencies?

 Stuart: It is a good time for money makers to submit to agencies, anytime of the year. If your materials are mediocre or the same as everyone else, it’s the worst time because business is depressed. They are having a harder time figuring out how to shoot and how to audition, and all of that. But, if you have evidence you are “big money” any day of the week, any time of the day is a good time. It’s about looking inside. 


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