Don’t let anyone fool you; it’s a great time to be an actor! In a weak economy, the film industry is booming. Just this weekend the Zack Snyder-directed Man Of Steel broke box-office records for the month of June with a $125 million opening. This is significant as the summer months are traditionally box-office bonanzas to begin with. And although these Superman numbers are undeniably super–as well as unprecedented for their time slot–they don’t come close to the Iron Man 3 opening which was a measly $174 million; or The Avengers blockbuster opening which clocked in at a paltry $207 million. Now, one might argue these metrics aren’t necessarily accurate as they measure revenue as opposed to units sold; but, with the increase in ticket fees over time, it’s safe to say, all roads lead to Rome. Not to mention these movies tend to do very well overseas. It seems films are one of the few US exports left with any international cache. Keep in mind, Man Of Steel’s producer, Christopher Nolan, scored his own box-office jackpot with the wildly popular Batman franchise. In the summer of 2005, Batman Begins opened to the tune of $48 million. One doesn’t need a graph to see these box office megaliths are rising as quickly as Superman bounds to the moon.

This is all to say that you, dear actor, are in a thriving field. Any young professional would be more than excited to get in on such a booming industry. Now, here’s the downside: to get your share of this gigantic pie…you have to be good! So, what’s the problem? You know you’re good, and you know you have the will to succeed. But the real question is, do you have the will to prepare? As artistic and creative and fun as acting is, it’s also a numbers game–or more like basic physics really: a body in motion tends to stay in motion; a body at rest tends to stay at rest. If you’re at rest at this stage of your career, you need to get in motion. If you’re in motion, you need to get in faster motion. Challenge yourself: go on as many auditions as is humanly possible, get in an actors’ group, complete and update your digital account and upload your reel, procure the lead in an independent film. Get your career in motion!

The movie business is rolling along and has been for a hundred years; it’s a good bet. Invest in the film industry with the capital of your very own unique talent.