Are you planning to produce a commercial, web series, film or TV show this year?


Contrary to popular belief, actors are not (always) desperate to be in your project. You want the best actors, don’t you? Great actors don’t struggle to find work. Work finds them.

Here are some general guidelines to assist anyone that wants the best cast they can get for their project.


You will benefit greatly by avoiding the most common error first-time producers make. Don’t just give the parts to your friends. Hold auditions and let them earn the roles. They’ll feel better and you’ll have the best cast. You’re not really a producer until you’ve told some of your friends that they didn’t get the part. Anyone can hire his or her friends. Sometimes the hardest part of casting is not hiring your friends.


There are plenty of perks that do not cost a dime. Nice billing goes a long way; so does a serious commitment to delivering back end profit participation. Something as simple as a contractual agreement to delivering footage to an actor in a timely manner will show actors that you plan to have a long-term relationship with them. Feed them well. Doesn’t have to be costly, just don’t serve up fast food every day.

Casting Director

Get a casting director. You have nothing to lose by asking around for a hungry casting director as many of them will cast a commercial or short film to mentor a young filmmaker. There are also casting associates and assistants around who would love a casting director credit.


Auditions are your first impression. Make a good one. Your goal is to make every actor want to be in your project so that you will have your choice of the top talent. Actors want to see that the people running the production know what they’re doing. Be confident and think ahead about the questions that may come up about the script, the characters and the scenes.

When you call actors in to an audition, provide them with the entire script. This will help them understand tone and content. It will also show them that you understand how their process works. It is possible to audition with only sides, but if you want actors to do their best, give them all the tools. Besides, “no script” makes it seem like it’s a bad script.

Choose sides wisely. Consider how much time you will want with actors and read each scene out loud to know how long they take. The more actors you see, the greater your choices. You do not want your casting sessions to run long because you didn’t calculate times properly.

Only hold callbacks if you need to hold callbacks. Justify this with new sides or by pairing the actors up to check for chemistry. Don’t just call actors back because you are indecisive.


A little water goes a long way. For $3.00 you can provide water for the entire casting session. Can’t afford trailers? No problem. Private rooms will suffice. You want your cast to have a quiet space so they can be at their best.

There are many ways to complicate the casting process. Use these guidelines and you can avoid most of them.

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