Recently we came across an article in Science of the Mind magazine written by actor Glenn Morshower, where he said, “Choose to express at the highest level.”

Both Peter and I feel that this phrase captures so much of how we both like to approach our work as actors and as teachers. Our aim is to examine the possibilities of a truth one can use in knowing who we are and what our creative potential may be.

As film actors, expressing the truth of how we feel and react to the premise of the script and the other actors in the moment is the best choice. The truth of how we feel, not what we think the character should be feeling, or what the director or society thinks, but to express what one’s truthful impulse is at that given moment.

Another favorite quote comes from silent film star Louise Brooks: states, “The actor’s sole hope is to set free his honest spontaneity.” Remember the camera sees and records the truth of the moment visually, and there is a distinct difference between a planned response and a truthful impulse.

We see how our fellow actors limit their potential by not recognizing and knowing what we are. We can remember that we are unique individual expressions of life’s energy, and serve society, and ourselves best when we tell the truth of how we feel about our moment-to-moment experience.

How can we know and be true ourselves if we don’t allow ourselves to express how and what we experience truthfully? Where we want to grow is in realizing there is more of this unlimited potential in our work and life experiences.

We tend to think that we are taking big enough risks just by being an actor and hoping to get a paid job. However, we can fall into a trap and not express our full potential and ultimately give our “gift” when we don’t take bigger risks. If we can learn to understand that trusting our impulses creatively will only help our careers and our work grow exponentially.

Take the risk of telling your truth with enough energy that you cannot be misunderstood or ignored. Take the risk to dream BIG. Where do you want to go in your art and career? Believe in your unlimited potential and take the actions to manifest beyond your self-imposed limits.

Some steps to take to develop more self trust:

  • Focus your attention away from the self and completely on the other actor
  • Get your energy as high as possible
  • Work to get out of control, not stay in control
  • Commit fully to the premise then see where it takes you
  • Respond truthfully in the moment
  • PLAY don’t WORK
  • Workout in a safe and supportive environment
  • Love yourself, you are the only YOU.

Furthermore, when you can be in control of being out of control, totally free to allow impulse to determine your responses and behavior, you have a magnificent skill. When the only rule or restriction is that nobody gets hurt, including yourself, and nothing gets broken unintentionally you have great freedom. You can learn how to generate great energy with practice at using a little more each time you work.






Written by Julia Huffman & Peter Looney