Legion actress Aubrey Plaza has been developing an athletic skill on Tuesday nights over the past few years, and it’s playing recreational basketball. The comic actress isn’t acting when she dribbles, passes and shoots baskets (or at least attempts to) on the all-female Los Angeles-based basketball team called the Pistol Shrimps. Her teammates include industry models, actresses, musicians, comedians, and writers, and together they’ve garnered quite a large following despite their admittedly mediocre athletic abilities. Plaza along with Molly Hawkey, Angela Trimbur, Melissa Stetten, Maria Blasucci, and Jesse Thomas compete as hard as they can against other recreational teams like the Shecago Bulls, Miss Demeanors, and Peaches and Kareem. In fact, a Canadian-American documentary entitled The Pistol Shrimps captured the energy of Audrey and her team during their 2015 season–middle fingers and all!

Plaza displays a similar can-do, I-don’t-really-care attitude when it comes to her comic acting. Known for her deadpan delivery, Plaza often plays odd, jaded, mentally unstable, or bad-news characters. But she’s best known for portraying April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation opposite Chris Pratt’s Andy. While casting the pilot of the beloved NBC sitcom, one of the show’s creators, Michael Schur, was struck by just how uncomfortable Plaza made him feel during her audition. For an hour in his office, he says Plaza made him squirm by “Like mostly not saying anything. Just by kind of staring at me with a look that was simultaneously like, ‘You’re old,’ and like, ‘I don’t like you that much.’ That’s what I was getting.” In turn, he designed a new character based on Aubrey. Schur wanted to make the audience squirm like he had in the young actress’ presence, so he created a cynical and uninterested parks department intern. Little did he know an ongoing series romance would spark from that creative decision. Plaza says, “I’m pretty good at weaseling my way into a job–even if I have no business being there.”

The sitcom served as a breakthrough role for Plaza. Her first leading film role came in the 2012 science-fiction romantic comedy Safety Not Guaranteed alongside Mark Duplass portraying disillusioned college graduate Darius Britt. She landed a starring role as slacker party girl Tatiana in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. And currently, she stars as Lenny Busker in the mind-bending FX drama series Legion. “I just want to keep finding special characters that I feel like I can bring to life and characters that are real and not superficial,” she says.

But the actress is also famous for her hysterical, awkward, and cringe-worthy interviews on late-night talk shows while promoting her films. She admits, “Sometimes I hate interviews because I always feel like I sound stupid.” Plaza’s interactions can sound more like performance art as her conversations seem to take on a life of their own. “I never have a plan when I go on those shows. Those kind of situations go against like every instinct in my body, to like retell a story and act like it’s the first time I’ve told it … I have those pre-interviews so I know what we’re going to talk about, and I end up derailing it.” She adds, “I’m not super comfortable in my skin. I have to make it work for me, and that usually amounts to making it uncomfortable for everyone else.”

Clearly, something is working for the 33-year-old comedian. Not only do her acting opportunities continue to grow, but a poll in her home state of Delaware named Plaza Delaware’s Most Famous Person. According to 750 News Journal readers, the irreverent actress easily ranked over other state stars like Joe Biden, Valerie Bertinelli, George Thorogood, Clifford Brown, and Henry Heimlich. Plaza responded to the honor, saying, “You have spoken and I hear you. I will do my best to represent Delaware in the strangest way possible.”