Will Smith is now a YouTube vlogger, and since mid-December, he’s raked in over 700,000 subscribers. The megastar launched the channel so viewers can watch him as he showcases his playful sense of humor, ventures to exotic lands, and gains more hands-on experience with video equipment. Will started the vlog just in time to promote his Netflix urban fantasy film Bright with exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage. Other video topics include his famous motivational speech called “Fail Early, Fail Often, Fail Forward” and a personal story about “One Thing Arnold [Schwarzenegger] Told Me That I’ll Never Forget.”

Smith has been in front of a camera for about 30 years; he burst onto the scene with the 1990 NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and with its success, he set out to become “the biggest movie star in the world.” With his trademark confidence, abundance of energy, charisma, and never-say-die work ethic, Will indeed went on to star in several blockbusters like Suicide Squad, Men in Black, and Independence Day in the following years; he received two Oscar nominations for his portrayals of Muhammad Ali in Ali and stockbroker Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness; and he’s been ranked among the most bankable stars in the world. As Will once said, “In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list superstar. Y’all just didn’t know it yet.”

Now 49 years old, Smith will soon start filming for his upcoming movie, Ang Lee’s Gemini Man. He has the lead role playing a senior NSA official being hunted by a young clone of himself in the sci-fi action film. But even with a big project like that, Will still sees the value of keeping up a YouTube channel. “YouTube has really given me an opportunity to flow a lot of the creative ideas that were dying on my creative interior vine. So I’m being able to come alive creatively in a way that I thought was behind me,” he says. So there’s really no telling what will come next from Smith. Mix his seemingly endless fountain of creativity along with his belief that he can “create whatever [he] wants to create,” and there’s likely to be longevity to his vlogs.

Smith is all set up with a crew to support him in his vlog aspirations. This includes his personal trainer who often films him and experiments with a drone camera–and taking some breathtaking shots, by the way. And clearly, Will has an impressive editor as well. They travel to Australia, Miami, and Mexico documenting their adventures. In addition, Smith recently created an Instagram account which has already accumulated over ten million followers. “I do want to aggressively go forward and do new things and create and hopefully be able to stumble upon a new heyday,” Will says.

Smith joins the list of other actors who regularly share content on YouTube channels such as Doug Benson, Russell Brand, The Rock, and Ashley Tisdale. As far as what draws people to stay interested and engaged in him, Will says, “I love living. I think that’s infectious.”