I know what it’s like.

You’d love to be in class, but you can’t afford it right now. As much as you’d love to coach your co-star audition, it just doesn’t make sense because of how much the role pays. You’re really busy, so you’ll just look at those sides the morning of the audition. This is the actor’s brain tricking itself into failure, a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage.

“Even the pros go to the batting cages.”

One of the biggest mistakes I see actors make is waiting for “that big chance” – that one shot. Whether they treat a small audition as unimportant or decide to only coach the massive auditions. You’re setting yourself up for failure. Every co-star leads to another, which leads to a guest star, which leads to a recurring, which leads to a series regular. Booking those smaller roles now will help get your more of the bigger opportunities later! So why not put your best foot forward EVERY TIME? Developing the good habits now will set them firmly in place when “that one huge audition” pops up out of nowhere later.

That’s the thing. Every appointment is an impression. Every audition is a chance to perform. Every tiny step is movement towards what you’re chasing. Don’t wait. Luck may or may not be on your side, but hard work will always make you stand out from the crowd.

“Art isn’t dead, you just have to look for it.”

You got into this crazy business because you love it. Right? RIGHT?! Hopefully. (If not, go open a pizza parlor and live a long, happy, cheese-filled life.) If the industry or the business side of things has gotten you down or made you bitter, it’s time to challenge yourself creatively. Whatever that means to you – take a different kind of class. Read a play with friends. Go see some theatre. Relight that pilot light inside your creative soul. Because what you carry into your auditions comes off of you like a glowing ember. Everyone will see it. So make sure you’re bringing passion and confidence into those rooms. Otherwise you’re just making it harder for yourself.

There are a million things in this world that can make life miserable. Don’t let the thing you love be one of them. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true. If acting is what makes you happier than anything else in this world, then work your ass off at it and don’t let any obstacles stand in your way. You’ll get there.

David Blue is a working actor (as well as a director, producer and writer.) He coaches privately and teaches an ongoing audition technique/scene study class. More info can be found at BookYourAudition.com and on IMDB