Matt Ryan, the highly-rated quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, had a great statistical and competitive season this past year which culminated in his first Super Bowl appearance. Matt passed for a whopping 4,944 yards with a completion percentage of 69.9, as well as 38 touchdown throws, making his overall QB rating a stunning 117.1. This is truly rare air. Not surprisingly, Mr. Ryan won the 2016 MVP award in a landslide!

Kudos to Matt for his 2016 performance. He truly had the best year in the league–for many reasons and from many different perspectives. But his Super Bowl rival, the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, may very well be the best quarterback of all time. He’s the only NFL quarterback with five Super Bowl victories. And according to Wikipedia, “Brady has been awarded four Super Bowl MVP (Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIIIXLIX and LI), the only player ever to do so, and two league MVP awards (2007 and 2010), has been selected to 12 Pro Bowls, and has led his team to more division titles (14) than any other quarterback in NFL history.” But beyond all those accomplishments and accolades, what’s most impressive is the guy’s still going! Indeed, Tom wants to play the violent and unforgiving game of football well into his forties. This is practically unheard of.

However, Brady’s got a secret weapon! Tom’s enduring dynamism and ongoing achievements are apparently, in part, due to his strict, ascetic diet. Tom is a proponent of the alkaline diet, which he claims “maintains balance and harmony through the metabolic system.”

Practically speaking, Tom eats 80-percent vegetables, whole grains, and beans along with 20-percent fish and lean meats. He does not eat processed sugar or white flour, and he stays away from iodized salt, dairy, coffee, fungi as well as nightshade fruits and vegetables. He only drinks alcohol and eats fruits occasionally. And if that’s not enough, he’s never eaten a strawberry or had a sip of coffee in his entire life. And when he wants a treat, Tom’s been known to occasionally enjoy a bowl of avocado ice cream.

With that being said, Tom’s dietary regimen is not without controversy. Eschewing antioxidant-rich fruits as well as nightshade veggies packed with vitamins is a bit extreme for some nutritionists. However, the salient point is that a balanced diet featuring nutrient-dense foods and plenty of clean water can do wonders for one’s energy and sense of well-being and confidence.

Now, it’s important to note that much of Tom’s success is due to his incredible genetic makeup, his work ethic, and his competitive spirit–not to mention that golden arm! But it can’t be denied that Tom himself credits his strict diet and disciplined lifestyle with affording him the opportunity to reach his maximum potential.

How’s your diet been? Are you putting high-octane fuel in that tank of yours? Are you eating to produce the energy and enthusiasm that will make you the best actor you can be? Hey listen, food is to be enjoyed and no one should deprive themselves of a little gusto; but, you might ask yourself, as an actor, am I living to eat, or eating to live?

Please share your nutritional tips–and eat well!